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34 Faces Of The L.A. Metro

Annenberg Masters Students |
September 14, 2015 | 11:46 p.m. PDT

Last week, Neon Tommy writers took to the L.A. subways, buses and light rails to explore Angelenos' views on the L.A. public transportation system. 

We spoke to parents riding because they'd rather give the money they'd spend on a car to their children; stunt performers venturing onto the Metro for the very first time, heading to a new lunch spot; spoken-word poets who use Metro platforms as their stage; and many, many students and workers who ride public transit for their daily commute. The selection of personalities, opinions and stories we found is as diverse as L.A. itself.

Many of us auto-addicted L.A. folk forget about the Metro, or dismiss it as a second-rate option to having a car. Maybe we're even afraid to venture onto the train for the first time. But the L.A. Metro is a well-designed, surprisingly reliable and efficient mode of travel for how spread out our city is, and it's only getting better with the new expansions.

I hope these 34 stories inspire you to give your own wheels a break and take advantage of the Metro next time you head out – after all, you never know who you'll meet.

–Gigi Gastevich, Editor-in-Chief


Infographic by Daniel Tran
Infographic by Daniel Tran


The Blue Line As A Business Tool

An Immigrant's Journey Through The Streets of Los Angeles

Meet The Poet Of The Metro Blue Line

Playing It Safe With Metro

Infographic by Brian Bencomo.
Infographic by Brian Bencomo.


Death Metal Guitarist On The Red Line

Forming A Fast Friendship On The Metro Red Line

Chasing 81: How The Metro Is Helping One Fan Go Undefeated At Home

When I Was Your Age, I Commuted For Six Hours

Red Means Go: USC Grad Rides The Red Line To Her Future

Nigerian-American Student Believes In Public Transportation

Riding L.A. Metro From One Train To Another

Stunt Performer Adventures Onto The L.A. Metro

Infographic by Ariba Alvi.
Infographic by Ariba Alvi.


Metro Expo Rider Gives The Line A Thumbs-Up

The Inherent Value Of Riding The Metro

Expo Line Is Means To An End For L.A. Trade-Tech Student

Chasing Dreams On The Expo Line

Infographic by Tranivana Nguyenhoang
Infographic by Tranivana Nguyenhoang


L.A. Metro: Not So Underground For Locals In The Know

Embracing The Sacrifice On The Metro

Infographic by Lamarco McClendon.
Infographic by Lamarco McClendon.


Metro Rider Approves of L.A.'s Public Transit System

Leaving Los Angeles

Fine-Tuning Public Transportation In Los Angeles

L.A. Rider Finds Metro Gold

A European's Take on L.A. Public Transportation


Infographic by Neha Wadekar.
Infographic by Neha Wadekar.


A Car And College: One American Teenager's Dream

The Lighter Side Of A Four Hour Metro Commute

From Small Town Car To Big City Bus

An Outstanding Ticket Brings Lincoln Heights Resident To The Rails And Buses

Finding Peace On Metro's 720 Rapid Bus

Finding The Perfect Seat: Kimberly Jimenez

Living L.A. The German Way


Infographic by Tashina Fleming.
Infographic by Tashina Fleming.


Time For A Ride

Going Green With Evan King

L.A. College Student Prefers Metro Over Car

On The Green Line To Get To The Finish Line: A Journey To A Dream


Infographic by Steven Kramer.
Infographic by Steven Kramer.


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