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Occupy L.A.'s Last Stand: Full Eviction Coverage

Staff Reporters |
November 27, 2011 | 8:26 a.m. PST

 Allegra Tepper
Allegra Tepper


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LIVE BLOG: Occupy LA eviction coverage

Stick with Neon Tommy for minute-by-minute reporting from City Hall.

Occupy Los Angeles Raid Expected Tonight

Protesters brace for eviction. LAPD staging areas established. Hundreds of riot police boarding busses at Dodger Stadium.

10 At Occupy L.A. Accept Villaraigosa's Free Housing Offer

Tents at Occupy L.A. had become shelters during the past two months for a few dozen people without homes.

Occupy L.A. Raid Watch Night Three: Images Of Retreat

Here's what our staff photographer Rosa Trieu ran into Tuesday afternoon.

More Occupy Camps Face Shutdown Orders As Others Return

Protestors to re-establish a public presence after being evicted earlier this month by local officials from camps that had been set up in early October.

Still No Raid On Occupy LA

Two days after the passing of the city’s deadline for Occupy L.A. protesters to clear their encampment, the demonstrators maintained a diminished presence of tents on the City Hall lawn Tuesday.

Occupy L.A. Lies In Wait

The atmosphere at the Occupy Los Angeles campgrounds is tense the day after the eviction order went into effect.

Occupy LA's Diehard Protesters Dig In At City Hall Park Occupy L.A. Seeks Court Order Against Eviction Occupy L.A. Protesters Trained For Nonviolent Confrontation At Least Four Arrested At Occupy L.A. Why Not Them?: What The Occupy Movement Means

LIVE BLOG: The Latest From Occupy LA

Our reporters provide detail from the encampment.


Mayor Villaraigosa: Occupy Campers Will Have "Ample Time" To Remove Belongings

Mayor releases statement on upcoming closure of City Hall Park.


LAPD Officer: No Occupy Raid Sunday Night (VIDEO)

LAPD officer tells "Occupy Freedom LA" that raid will not happen tonight


Clergy, Labor Leaders Urge Occupiers To Stay Civil Nov. 27, 2011 

Clergy leaders and representatives from labor groups addressed Occupiers Sunday evening in anticipation of potential violence during Monday's planned eviction.


Public Art Defense League Calls For Donations To Arm Occupiers With Cameras Nov. 27, 2011

As Occupy L.A. prepares to square off Monday against the LAPD, the Public Art Defense League has reached out for donations to aid Occupiers in an unconventional way. 


VIDEO: Councilman Rosendahl Pleas For Occupy LA To Disband Nov. 27, 2011 

Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl asked that the protesters take their fight to the political system, and to not resist the LAPD's efforts to clear City Hall. 


SLIDESHOW: Scenes from Occupy LA

Photos from the camp. Will be updated throughout the night.


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