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Neon Tommy 2012 Election Guide: California And L.A.

Staff Reporters |
November 6, 2012 | 4:00 p.m. PST


Check back here when results from state polls come rolling in. 

In the meantime, read up on the big state and local issues, as well as some of the major congressional races close to home.

California Congressional District 3: Bera vs. Lungren

California Congressional District 9: Gill vs. McNerney

California Congressional District 10: Hernandez vs. Denham

California Congressional District 24: Capps vs. Maldonado

California Congressional District 26: Brownley vs. Strickland

California Congressional District 30: Berman vs. Sherman

California Congressional District 33: Waxman vs. Bloomfield

California Congressional District 34: Smith vs. Becerra

California Congressional District 37: Bass vs. Osborne

California Congressional District 41: Takano vs. Tavaglione

California Congressional District 44: Hahn vs. Richardson

California Congressional District 47: Lowenthal vs. DeLong

California Congressional District 52: Bilbray vs. Peters

California Senate District 5: Galgiani vs. Berryhill

California Senate District 27: Pavley vs. Zink

California Senate District 31: Roth vs. Miller

California Senate District 39: Plescia vs. Block

California Assembly District 8: Tateishi vs. Cooley

California Assembly District 32: Salas vs. Rios

California Assembly District 39: Bocanegra vs. Alarcon

California Assembly District 49: Chau vs. Lin

California Assembly District 61: Medina vs. Batey

California Assembly District 66: Huey vs. Muratsuchi


Prop 30: Gov. Brown's sales and income tax increase

Prop 31: Extending California's budget cycle

Prop 32: Paycheck protection initiative

Prop 33: Auto insurance pricing intitiative

Prop 34: Ending the death penalty in California

Prop 35: Anti-sex trafficking initiative

Prop 36: Overhauling California's "three strikes" policy

Prop 37: Labeling GMOs

Prop 38: Molly Munger's state income tax increase to support education

INFOGRAPHIC: Proposition Spending And Its Impact

Measure A: Making County Assessor an appointed position

Measure B: Condoms on L.A. County's porn film shoots

Measure J: Public transit tax extension

California Ballot Measures: A Suggested Voting Guide by Francesca Bessey


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Polling map infographic by KPCC/WNYC.



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