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Democrats Use 8th Assembly District To Fight For Supermajority In State Assembly

Angela Blakely |
September 18, 2012 | 10:39 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Democrats hope to win the new 8th Assembly District, a combination of two previously strong Democratic districts: 5 and 10, to gain a supermajority in the State Assembly.

However, in previous years, these two districts had slight Republican registration advantages.

Now that these two districts have been combined to form the 8th Assembly District, Democrats have a strong Democratic registration advantage of 1.1 percent.

Democrat Ken Cooley, a Rancho Cordova City Council Member, came in first place with 43 percent.

Republican Peter Tateishi, Chief of Staff for Congressman Dan Lungren, narrowly defeated his Republican opponent with 23 percent.

So far, Cooley has been able to raise more funds than Tateishi, despite Tateishi receiving a $100, 000 from his party.

Tateishi’s campaign has also received recent scrutiny for its involvement in the Sacramento voter registration fraud scandal. In the scandal a company, which was paid to gather signatures for the Republican Party of Sacramento, was found to have turned in more than 7,000 fraudulent signatures since September.

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