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MIDTERM WATCH: Hottest Races Across The Country

Staff Reporters |
October 30, 2014 | 9:46 p.m. PDT

Election Day is quickly approaching. lettawren, Flickr (Creative Commons)
Election Day is quickly approaching. lettawren, Flickr (Creative Commons)
Midterm elections generally do not go well for the party in the White House. That is expected to be the case for this year's midterm elections as well.

Republicans need to gain, or net, six seats to take control of the United States Senate. A few key races, including those in Louisiana, Arkansas, New Hampshire and Colorado, could make the difference.

The Republicans are also expected to increase their majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. One seat, among many, that could go from blue to red is Rep. Julia Brownley's of California's 26th District. California is considered a liberal stronghold, but her district is, by far, not the most liberal in the state. 

Some of the key and important races across the country are really tight; others are great stories with passionate characters. In any case, the results of these elections will determine how policy is shaped during the last two years of the Obama Administration because they will either lead to greater obstruction or more compromise between the parties.

Even if Democrats keep control of the Senate, the situation may be difficult for Obama because many Democrats have tried to distance themselves from him during their campaigns.

With the midterm elections only days away, Neon Tommy researched some of the most interesting Congressional races across the country.

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