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In Case You Missed It: Twitter Hosts Celebrity Feuds For Days

Kathy Zerbib |
September 27, 2013 | 9:26 a.m. PDT

Film Editor

Who knew Kanye West would be a natural at making memes? (Twitpic/@KanyeWest)
Who knew Kanye West would be a natural at making memes? (Twitpic/@KanyeWest)
Every Friday, Film Editor Kathy Zerbib brings you the top five highlights of the entertainment world. In case you missed it, here's what's going on this week!

Kanye West & Jimmy Kimmel Engage In Hilarious Twitter Feud

It all started on Tuesday night, when the comedian spoofed Kanye West on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." The spoof specifically targeted the rapper's interview with BBC Radio 1, in which he called himself the "biggest" rock star ever. 

West took to Twitter on Thursday evening to spew some profanities at Kimmel in response. West felt the attack on Kimmel's show was too personal, as he and Kimmel have a friendly relationship. The best part of the Twitter feud? West took the time to make memes bashing Kimmel. Not just one meme, but two. 

Kimmel essentially laughed off the angry tweets, telling the rapper to mention him by Twitter handle ("If it's not too much trouble @KanyeWest, would you mind using @JimmyKimmel? Thanks") and threatening to unfollow him ("I swear, @KanyeWest, one more of these [and] I WILL unfollow you #warning #goshdarnit"). 

Hopefully, Kanye West comes around and forgives Jimmy Kimmel for poking a little fun at his expense. Watch the video below for yourself - it's quite adorable. Warning: It may incite a craving for milkshakes.

Teyana Taylor & Rihanna Also Engage In Hilarious Twitter Feud

Rihanna is not scared of taking shots at fellow celebrities via Twitter. Teyana Taylor of G.O.O.D. Music is her latest target. Taylor posted a cover of her singing Anita Baker's song "Caught Up In The Rapture." Things got ugly when Rihanna had her stylist Yusef sing the same song and during the same part to mock the original cover, while donning a curly wig and snapback to resemble Taylor.

Taylor did not take the blow lightly, to say the least. She hopped on Twitter and called Rihanna a "cyber-bully," claiming Rihanna won't get away with taking jabs at her. Taylor made further cracks at Rihanna's "body count."

In response, Rihanna said she wouldn't mention the up-and-coming singer on Twitter directly to give Taylor more exposure. Rihanna did, however, change her header to a picture of her net worth ($90 million) next to Taylor's ($500,000). Taylor, in turn, changed her header to a photoshopped image of her beating up Rihanna (using the notorious picture of Rihanna's beaten face a la Chris Brown). Some things will just never die. 

Rihanna later deleted all of her tweets at Taylor and changed her header back. Taylor did the same, admitting her mother told her to take down her angry messages.

Rihanna has already had Twitter feuds with other celebs, such as Ciara and Amanda Bynes. Who will be next to battle this keyboard warrior?

Adam Levine & Lady Gaga Also, Also Engage In Hilarious Twitter Feud

Fresh off a Twitter feud with Azealia Banks, Mother Monster wasted no time hopping in another one.

Earlier this week, Adam Levine and Lady Gaga had some Twitter drama of their own… Sort of. While no names were posted, these two were definitely hardcore subtweeting about each other. BuzzFeed's portrayal of the passive-aggressive tweeting is solid gold, by the way. 

Levine owned with his snarky last tweet ("While we're at it, we should call the grammar police").

Still, no clear winner emerged from this online cold war. 

The 65th Annual Primetime Emmys Rock Los Angeles

Neil Patrick Harris hosted this year's Emmy Awards and proved he can (as usual) do no wrong. He performed alongside big names like Sarah Silverman and Nathan Fillion. Neon Tommy found him to be professional, not too cheesy, and as great of a host as ever. 

There were few surprises of the night. "Breaking Bad" took Best Drama Series. Claire Danes of "Homeland" claimed Best Actress in a Drama Series. "Modern Family" won Best Comedy Series.

Oh, and Merrit Wever of "Nurse Jackie," winner of Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, delivered the best acceptance speech ever (See below!). 

For details on this year's show, read Neon Tommy's live blog of the show and check out our full coverage.

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Season 5 Of "Glee" Kicked Off With A Few Surprises

"Glee" premiered its fifth season on Thursday night. The show's fans nervously awaited the two-part premiere, wondering what season five would cover and how Cory Monteith's death would be handled.

In a nutshell, the premiere delivered plenty of shockers. The show served as a tribute to The Beatles. Artie and Kitty make their relationship official. Rachel now works at Santana's restaurant as a waitress. Sue snags the principal's job and his coveted office. Blaine proposes to Kurt… And Kurt says yes!

Was the show too over-the-top? Did the Blaine and Kurt proposal take things a little too far (as cute as it was to watch)? It seems the fans are split… Perhaps a look at the second part of the premiere will solidify how successful this season will turn out.

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