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'The Legend of Korra' Season 4, Episode 12/13: 'Day of The Colossus' and 'The Last Stand'

Cristian Pagan |
December 19, 2014 | 1:43 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Korra (Nick)
Korra (Nick)
After four epic seasons, "The Legend of Korra" comes to a powerful close. Korra has faced many challenges throughout her adventures. Seaon one, she faced Amon who threatened to eliminate the entire bending nation and created a revolution in which non-benders could take over the world. Korra started out like such a hothead and went into things without thinking straight. She beat Amon and gained access to her airbending and become in tune with her Avatar spiritual connection.

Season 2, Korra took us into the spirit world further than Avatar Aang did. We discovered the story of Avatar Wan, the first Avatar. We found out the story of the Avatar spirit and where all the power comes from. Korra was tricked into opening the spirit portals, and her story then turned dark as she had to face one of the biggest threats in Avatar history: the spirit of eternal darkness Vaatu. 

Korra ended up losing her connection to her past lives but was succesful to unite with the spirit worlds energy to become a mega-spirit being and took down Vaatu. In Season 3, as a result of Korra opening the spirit portals, the air nation was reborn as random people throughout the world began gaining airbending powers. One of those people was Zaheer, the leader of the Red Lotus whose sole mission was to destroy the Avatar and unleashe chaos upon the world, for chaos is the only natural order of human existence.

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Zaheer attempted to poison Korra and kill her while in the Avatar state, however, Korra fought back with all of her strength and defeated Zaheer with the help of her friends. Hoewever, the poison left Korra completely destroyed physically and psychologically as Season 3 closed with Korra heading to the Southern Water Tribe in a wheelchair to recover. 

The airbenders prepare to attack (Nick)
The airbenders prepare to attack (Nick)
Now, in the Season 4 finale, due to Korra's absense, Kuvira gained power as a ruthless dictator who attempted to unite the Earth Kingdom by force. She marched into Republic City with her army and mecha suits and was willing to kill her future husband in the name of her cause. Thankfully, Korra and everyone else made it out of the accident unharmed. However, they still had Kuvira's spirit giant to deal with. 

While Asami and a few others went back to her warehouse to work on the Hummingbird machines, Korra and the rest went to face Kuvira's spirit giant head on. Milo came up with the smart idea of using paint ballons to blind the machine by covering up the lenses. The airbenders got close enough to the machine to drop the paint ballons while Bolin, Lin, and Suyin worked on trapping Kuvira.

Bolin used his lava bending to trap one of the feet while the others wrapped the legs together with metal wires. Then, Korra, along with the other airbenders, launched a powerful gust of wind to try to knock the giant back. However, although Kuvira lost her balance, she quickly recovered and was able to gain control of the situation. 

The team are forced to retreat after Kuvira manages to knock all the airbenders to the ground. Back at Asami's workshop, Asami, Varrick and Zhu Li try to get the Hummingbird's functioning but are unable to fix the flaws. Bataar Jr. is devistated after Kuvira betrayed him and he realized how much damage he caused his family, but he is hopeful that one day they will be able to forgive him. Then, Varrick comes up with a plan on stopping Kuvira's army and mecha giant.

Varrick proposes to Zhu Li (Nick)
Varrick proposes to Zhu Li (Nick)
Varrick and Zhu Li climb to the top of the radio tower and manage to unleash a giant magnetic wave that shutsdown most of the mecha suits. However, it was unsuccessful at stopping Kuvira's spirit giant. Varrick attempts to talk to Zhu Li at the top of the tower and slowly starts to confess his true feelings for her but he was cut short by the fact that Kuvira's suit still works. 

They attempt to regroup with the team to try to figure out how to solve the isse. In the meantime, Prince Wu attempts to evacuate the remaining citizens. Kuvira cut all the railroad lines, but, thanks to Wu's singing (although terrible), he managed to attract two Badger moles (the first earthbenders). They lead the group to safety by going underground.

Back at the warehouse, Lin walks in with Hiroshi, Asami's father. He comes up with a plan of attaching platnum cutting material to the Hummingbirds in order to cut a hole in the mecha giant so that people can go in and take it down from the inside. While at work, Varrick finally confesses his love to Zhu Li and proposes to her by telling her he wants to the thing (their inside saying) for the rest of his life. Beatiful! 

But anyways, while Asami and her dad attempt to get the Hummingbirds up and running, Korra and the gang go back out to try to slow down Kuvira. Once the brids were out, they tried to get an opening for them to drill a hole. Varrick and Zhu Li had to eject from their machine after having a wing blown off. Korra managed to stabilize the mecha giant by waterbending and freezing a whole bunch of water, stopping Kuvira from being able to move. 

Asami and her dad, using the same Hummingbird, then found an open spot to drill. They were drilling as fast they could but Asami began to panic stating they had to get out for Kuvira's machine starting breaking through the ice. Hiroshi, though, pushed on saying he just needed a little bit more time. Once Kuvira broke through, Hiroshi said goodbye to his daughter and he ejected her seat right before Kuvira crushed him breaking the hole through the machine.

Korra, Bolin, Makko, Lin, and Suyin were then able to go into the machine where they separated. Lin and Suyin took down Kuvira's engine room and managed for Kuvira to lose the connection to the arm with the spirit cannon. Kuvira, then, broke of the arm (with Lin and Suyin) in it and threw it across republic city. The spirit cannon managed to break off and landed in the spirit vine forest. Meanwhile, Bolin and Makko knock out two guards and attempt to take out Kuvira's power source with the vines while Korra faces Kuvira head on.

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Korra saves Kuvira (Nick)
Korra saves Kuvira (Nick)

Kuvira and Korra have a strong and even battle. Makko, however, makes a noble decision and tells Bolin to take take the two guards and himself to safety while he uses lightning to destory the vines. Bolin knows that if he does that, the whole thing will blow along with Makko, but Makko made his choice. Makko almost makes it out until he gets blasted and knocked out. Thankfully, Bolin comes just in time to save him before the entire machine exploded. 

Korra and Kuvira end up smashing into the ground where Kuvira makes a run for it into the spirit vine forest where she runs into her spirit cannon. Korra goes after her only to find Kuvira using the spirit vines to power the cannon (which does not really make sense since most of what powered the cannon was not connected, but whatever). Korra manages to dodge the intial blasts but spirit vines begin to take over and Kuvira loses control. 

The cannon is about to blast Kuvira when Korra steps infront of her and takes the blast head on in the Avatar state. A giant blast is unleashed across all of Republc City which causes a rip in the spirit world opening a new spirt portal in the middle of Republic City. Pretty awesome. Kuvira and Korra both wake up in the spirit world where they finally come to terms with eath other.

Korra shows just how much she has changed as she talks to Kuvira and realizes that the reason Kuvira was so inclined to become this protector of the earth kingdom was because she was abandoned by her family when she was a baby. Kuvira surrenders and the battle is over and all of the spirits return to Republic City. Now onto the wedding!

Varrick and Zhu Li get married and have some pretty funny vows. However, Zhu Li makes sure Varrick knows she is in control as she grabs him and dips him for their romantic wedding kiss. In the last few minutes, Korra wraps up some things with her friends. Prince Wu tells Makko and Korra that he will not be taking over as King of the Earth Kingdom, but instead, he is getting rid of the monarchy and is allowing the states to elect their own presidents. 

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Korra thanks Makko for being willing to sacrifice his life for her. Makko replies by stating that he will go into battle with her and for her whenever. Alot of people were probably waiting for their reuniting kiss like in Season 1 and 2. I know I was. However, we never get it, sadly. Instead, Korra moves on to talk to Tenzin where he tells her she has accomplished more than most Avatars in just a few years, but she says she feels like she is just starting (could this be a possible hint at a new series...who knows). 

Korra then talks to Asami and they talk about life and the loss of Asami's father. Asami states how she was so worried Korra was destroyed in the blast because she wouldn't have been able to handle losing her and her dad in the same day. Asami talks about needing to take a vacation and Korra is all for it. Asami asks if they could go and explore the spirit world. 

Korrasami (Nick)
Korrasami (Nick)

The final scene features Asami and Korra going into the new spirit portal together. They hold hands as they walk in. The final shot is both of them holding hands while they gaze into each othes eyes and fade way into the spirit world. This solidifies Asami and Korra as the first ever lesbian couple in a children/young adult animation show!

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