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'The Legend of Korra' Season 4, Episode 10: 'Operation Beifong'

Cristian Pagan |
December 6, 2014 | 11:07 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Lin, Opal, and Bolin head to Zaofu to try and rescue Suyin and the others. However, when they get there, all the security domes were taken down and there are security guards everywhere. Toph makes an apperance telling them that Su is no longer secured there. Lin has an awkward encounter calling her mom "Chief" while Bolin has a fan girl moment about meeting his lifelong hero.

Toph sees Opal for the first time in years (Nick)
Toph sees Opal for the first time in years (Nick)
But anyways, Toph tells them that she has been keeping an eye on Zaofu from the swamp through the vines, but, when Kuvira cut down all the vines, she lost the connection. The group head to the closest "re-euducation" camp where Kuvira is planning on testing her spirit cannon. Speaking of which, they were about to do there first test when the canon almost exploded.

Zhu Li warned everyone to get out for it was about to blow. Everyone did except Bataar Jr. who tried to stop the explosion by pulling out the main powergrid. It turns out, there was a broken piece in the machine. By this time, team Beifong was in the building watching all of the events. Kuvira shows up with her guards and asks about the condition of the machine. 

Kuvira becomes very suspicious of Zhu Li and asks her is she sure that she is doing everything in her power to make the machine fully functional. Zhu Li says yes but Toph realizes through her earthbending that she is lying, which makes Bolin really happy. Kuvira orders that the cannon be tested first thing in the morning in front of everyone. 

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Team Beifong use that intel to plan the rescue mission. Suyin and everyone else are in a cave suspended by a wooden cage. The night before the rescue things heat up between Lin and Toph. Bolin asks about Lin's dad which makes things very tense and Toph basiclally says it was just some random guy who it didn't work out with. Throughout the little time of their reunion, Lin had been saying a lot of very passive aggressive comments about Toph. Everything finally comes to a peak when Toph calls out Lin and tells her to say what she has in mind. 

Lin lets it all out and states that Toph just shows up after missing for 20 years like nothing happened. Lin mentions how when she fixed everything between her and Suyin she thought maybe she could do the same with Toph, but after being with her again for one day, she wants nothing to do with her after the rescue. Toph, although hurt by the comments, agrees to the terms if it makes Lin happy. 

Opal was in charge of keeping watch while the rest of the team, lead by Toph, goes to the cage. Once there, Lin metal bends to the cage and, one by one, tosses the prisoners over to the side of the cave where Bolin would catch them. However, Bataar, being a whiny coward, screams while he is being tossed which results in the guards coming out and warning the entire base of the intruders. 

Meanwhile, during the test of the spirit cannon, there was another malfunction due to the distributer pin going missing. Zhu Li made a big mistake by keeping the pin on her person and gets caught by Kuvira. Zhu Li confronts Kuvira stating she would never actually work for such a horrible monster. Kuvira orders for Zhu Li to be tied to a metal pole and placed in the abandoned town that the cannon is supposed to destroy.

Varrick and Asami present their new weapons (Nick)
Varrick and Asami present their new weapons (Nick)
In Republic City, Varrick and Asami teamed up to create a design for a cool new flying mecha suit. The president asks where the spirit cannon would go and Korra, Asami, and Varrick refuse to include that machine. The spirit vines in Republic City began attacking citizens due to Kuvira harvesting the vines, so there is no way they were about to do the same. Korra, however, plans on talking to the spirits and hopefully getting them on her side to protect Republic City. Also, Prince Wu, actually gives a good idea about evacuating the city of its residents and coordinating everything with the police.

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When Korra goes to try to speak to the spirits in the spirit vines, she realizes that they are beginning to flee Republic city. Back with Team Beifong, they all manage to get out of the cave area and Opal calls for her bison but Bolin refuses to leave Zhu Lin behind. Opal, Bolin, Lin, and Suyin and her kids agree to save Zhu Li. Opal and Bolin go down to the abandoned town to save Zhu Li while the others hit the machine in order to redirect the lazer.

lazer ends up cutting a giant hole through a mountain, illustrating just how powerful the cannon is. Quickly, things turn into a major showdown between Kuvira's army and the Beifongs. An epic showdown erupts between Suyin and Kuvira. They both fight well, but, ultimately, Suyin gets knocked back into the Beifong circle where they begin to get surrounded by Kuvira's mecha tanks. Fortunately, Toph sends an earth tidal wave and knocks out Kuvira's immediate army in one single blow. Toph makes it known that Kuvira gives metalbenders a bad name. The team flees but leaves the cannon intact. 

Meanwhile, Korra went into the spirit world to try and get the spirits to help her. However, a dragon spirit tells Korra that they do not participate in human wars. Korra tries to tell them that it is not just the human world anymore, but both of their worlds. The dragon spirit makes a valid point stating that Korra's plan on using the spirits for battle is no better than Kuvira's, so the answer is no. All of the spirits then vanish and leave Korra alone.

Kuvira while fighting Suyin (Nick)
Kuvira while fighting Suyin (Nick)

Back to team Beifong, Lin apologizes to Toph and Toph says how she knows she was not the best mother in the world, but she did raise two amazing children. They all hug in reunion, which Bolin tries to join in and gets shut down. You gotta love Tophs cranky attitude. However, the team could not rejoice in the reunion, for Zhu Li tells them how Kuvira plans on attacking Republic City in two weeks. The team heads back to the city to warn everyone, except Toph.

Toph tells them how her fighting days are over. Her back has began to hurt and it is not her place to defend the world anymore. That is why Katara and her did not get involve in the civil war that almost eliminated benders in Season 1. She states, "At some point, you've got to leave it to the kids." Well said, Toph!

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