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'The Legend of Korra' Season 4, Episode 8 'Remembrance'

Cristian Pagan |
November 22, 2014 | 9:25 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Although this episode did not continue the storyline of the season, it did remind us of some of the major moments of the past few seasons. Here is a breakdown of all the memories retold:

Makko and his love triangle with Korra and Asami

Makko tries to toughen up Prince Wu after his abduction last episode. However, after one small jap, Prince Wu yells his catch phrase, "Wu down." Makko's grandma runs to comfort him with tea and treats. Prince Wu wanted to know a little more about Makko and Makko tells him about his relationship with Korra. Korra and Makko met in Season 1 when Korra showed up to one of Makko's pro-bending games. At the time, Makko was very arrogant and all he thought about was winning, gaining fame, and having money.

Korra ended up joining their team and showing her worth game after game. Makko started developing feelings for her but things got complicated when Asami ran over Makko with her motorcycle (great way to meet). The best clip of the night was seeing Korra's awkward love confession to Makko. Saying "I love you and I think we were meant for each other" while staring wide eyed at your crush is not the smoothest way to get their attention.

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Makko at that time told Korra that he already has Asami and that he does not feel the same way. But, he knew that it was not 100% true. After Korra got kidnapped by Amon, Makko was very concerned about her and he realized that he cannot live without her. This leads to the end of Asami and Makko's relationship (kind of). Prince Wu is not too impressed by their mutual and quiet break up.

Prince Wu wants to know about Makko (Nick)
Prince Wu wants to know about Makko (Nick)
Korra and Makko make out and make it official when Korra gains her bending back and goes into the avatar state for the first time. However, things get complicated between them in Season 2 when Makko gets a police job and does not side with Korra on certain things. Things escalate between them until they both are shouting at each other at the police station and Makko breaks up with Korra and Korra airbends his desk and smashes it against the ceiling. Now thats a break up.

Asami and Makko end up getting back together when they go on a mission to stop some men from stealing from Asami's company. Things get complicated when Korra returns and jumps into Makko's arms and kisses him in front of Asami. During their time away, Korra was learning about her spiritual connections and she ended up losing her memories at some point and hasn't fully recovered them so she does not remember her fight with Makko. And Makko does not tell her either.

Eventually, Makko tells Korra the truth of what happened to their relationship and Korra decided to end things between them for sure. Makko talks about how things got awkward when he triest to talked to Asami and Korra since they both became close friends. However, Korra will always hold a valuable place in Makko's heart, for she has taught him a lot about himself and has helped the world so much. She is the most remarkable and admirable person that Makko knows.

Korra and her past enemies. 

Korra talks to Asami about what Toph had told her. Toph told her that the world does not need an avatar anymore because the world will always be out of balance. Asami tells her that is ridiculous but Korra is confused. She remembers how she was so excited to start her avatar duties and learn air bending in Republic City. But, when she saw Amon take someones bending for the first time, she became frightened as she realized how real the issues of the world were. Then, after Amon stole her bending, she felt disposable and like her powers did not even matter anymore.

Asami tries to make her feel better by saying that she still exposed Amon for the fraud he really was and, not only stopped the equalist revolution, but also allowed for non-benders to hold office and have a saying in politics. Korra, being depressing, brought up the fact that it did not even matter for a new villain arrived. Unalaq showed up and tricked Korra into opening the spirit portals realising Vaatu from his spirit prison. Korra, then, had her avatar spirit, Raava, ripped from her and destroyed also destroying the connection with her past Avatars.

Vaatu and Unalaq then joined together and became a huge dark spirit that started destroying Republic City. Asami reminds Korra that she became a huge super spirit too and defeated Unalaq while also bringing back the air nation and creating a connection between the spirit world and the human world. Korra, again being pessimistic, states how Zaheer also got airbending and sent the whole world in chaos by killing the Earth Queen, creating disaster in the Earth kingdom which allowed for Kuvira to become a ruthless dicator. 

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Tenzin chimes in by stating how yes the world will always be out of balance, but that is why Korra is there. She has to learn and develop from all of her past enemies in order to beat her future ones. She has to realize that she has become an inspiration of hope and strength to the world. He tells her how she has changed so much. She started out a complete hot head who only thought of herself and wanting to fight. Now, she is compassionate and thinks about others and is a powerful and inspiring leader of the world

Varrick's interpretation of Bolin's life. 

Korra's enemies teaming up in Varrick's movie idea (Nick)
Korra's enemies teaming up in Varrick's movie idea (Nick)
Although none of these memories are real, it was fun watching it. Varrick tells Bolin's life as an action movie featuring Bolin's superstar acting persona. Apperantly, in Varrick's world, Korra's three enemies (plus Bolin's make believe movie villain) team up to destroy the world. Bolin outbends Zaheer and turns into the hugh spirit being to defeat Unalaq and Vaatu with the help of a fairy (which is supposed to be Jinora). Then, Bolin turns into a dragon saves Korra and turns into the stars of the night. Very intense action film. Bolin hates this fake autobiography, but the rest of the people on the boat love it.

But hey, that's showbiz.

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