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'The Legend of Korra' Season 4, Episode 11: 'Kuvira's Gambit'

Cristian Pagan |
December 14, 2014 | 4:03 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Korra and the team see Kuvira's weapon for the first time (Nick)
Korra and the team see Kuvira's weapon for the first time (Nick)
Kuvira gives a powerful speech, which heightens her troops by tellling them it is time to take back the land that Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko stole from the Earth Kingdom. As she prepares her army for battle,  Bataar Jr. is also ready for this attack because, after Republic City falls, he and Kuvira will finally be able to get married and rule their kingdom together. 

In Republic City, the evacuation is not going so well considering only 18 families have been evacuated. It is a voluntary effort and many people do not really see a threat approaching. However, Bolin bursts in with Suyin and Zhu Li after the rescue. They inform everyone that Kuvira plans on attacking in two weeks.

Lin believes the only way Kuvira will be coming is by rail considering that is the only way to transport the spirit cannon. In the meantime, the evacuation has now been made mandatory, but things get complicated when Mako tries to tell the city through radio. Many people start calling as the city begins to panic and question what is going on.

Fortunately, Prince Wu showed some leadership and spoke to the people of Republic City and told them how they need to work together in order to get everyone out safely and peacefully. Meanwhile, Varrick and Asami speed up production on the hummingbird mechasuit designs when Bolin walks in with Zhu Li. Zhu Li gives a very touching speech asking for forgiveness and basically confessing her love for Varrick.

Of course, Varrick, being his mindless and hearless self, just treated Zhu Li like she was his assitant again. But, Zhu Li made sure to stand up for herself and made it known that she is his partner not his assistant and he is lucky she is still that. Varrick, again, being stupid as usual, did not understand how inconsiderate he is. 

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Republic City prepares for Kuvira's attack. The citizens being to be evacuated as soon as possible. The United Forces army begins to set up the protective perimeter. Team Avatar talks to Lin, Tenzin, and the President about going on a mission to take out Kuvria's spirit weapon before it gets close enough to do any damage. However, they are unaware that Kuvira's army is already on their way, one week earlier than planned. 

Kuvira's super weapon (Nick)
Kuvira's super weapon (Nick)
And that's not all. They were wrong about Kuvira using the railroad lines to transport the spirit cannon. Instead, they attached it to a 25 story tall mecha giant that begins to march into United Republic territory. Kuvria blasted through the first checkpoint killing everyone in the base before they could alert Republic City. Korra and the gang see the giant mechasuit first hand the next day when they set out to go behind enemy lines.

They only fly for a little bit when they run into Kuvira's army and see the giant weapon she is using to carry the cannon. Kuvira fires the spirit cannon at Korra but barely misses. She lets them manage to escape in order for Korra to warn Republic City of how big of a threat she really is. Republic City quickly goes on lockdown as the team prepares themselves for battle. 

However, all the physical preparation was not enough to prepare them mentally for Kuvira's giant super weapon. The President orders Kuvira to stand down, but he does not really have any grounds to demand any orders. Kuvira fires the weapon at two merchant ships in order to strike fear into Republic City. She quickly destroys the Republic Nations navy which forces the President to surrender on the spot Kuvira orders that the President 

However Korra is not about to give herself up so easily. Team Avatar try to figure out how they can cripple Kuvira's mechagiant but no one knows anything about it. The only other person who would know how it works is Bataar Jr., who is on his way to Air Temple island to talk out the terms with the President. Korra, then, plans a kidnapping mission with some of the other airbenders in order for them to force Bataar Jr. into talking. 

The mission goes smoothly. They manage to capture Bataar Jr. without anybody knowing, but, he is not as complicit in giving up any information as they thought. First, Korra tried to use threats and force, however, Bataar Jr. knew she was all talk and would not actually do it. Suyin then tries to talk to his son but he is no longer a part of their family as he states Kuvira is his only family now. This prompts Korra to use Kuvira as the means of persuasion.

She tells Bataar Jr. that she may not be able to do damage to him physically, but she is not going to give herself up to Kuvira and she will do whatever it takes to go away forever and Bataar will be going with her. Meaning that he will never see Kuvira again. This breaks Bataar Jr. and he ends up communicating with Kuvira asking her to use leave Republic City alone so that they could go back to their Earth Kingdom and get married and be happy. Kuvira agrees that the city is not worth sacrificing their lives together, for she loves Bataar. 

Throughout their entire conversation, Kuvira was backchanneling the radio signal to pinpoint Bataar's location. Bataar Jr. underestimated Kuvira's thirst for power and control. She fires her spirit weapon at his location knowing well that Korra and her team would die, but so would Bataar Jr. 

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