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10 Foods To Try At The DTLA Night Market

Heidi Carreon |
June 16, 2014 | 11:56 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

With 16 food trucks and almost 100 food vendors, the first Downtown Los Angeles Night Market, also known as the DTLA Night Market, will become a mecca for foodies itching to have a taste of Asian cuisine this weekend. Here are ten foods and a full map of the Night Market to get you started on a foodie adventure:


Ramen Burger

Origin: New York City 

What it is: A beef patty and a choice of vegetables placed between two buns and made from cut instant ramen noodles. 

Why you need to try it: It was one of the most hyped food crazes of 2013, with its fame comparable to that of the cronut, and it'll soon find a home in Los Angeles. Plus, this is the original ramen burger that was created for a New York food festival.

Food vendor(s) offering it: Ramen Burger (C13), run by the original creator, Keizo Shiamoto



Origin: Japan

What it is: A noodle-soup with a broth that's usually meat-based, often flavored with soy sauce or miso. It also has various toppings ranging from boiled eggs to seaweed to slices of pork.

Why you need to try it: To fully understand that actual ramen is 500 times better than the high-sodium instant noodles you've used as sustenance in your college years.

Food vendor(s) offering it: Umaya Ramen (A63), Ramen Yokocho (E3)

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Origin: Japan

What it is: A batter typically mixed with yams, shredded cabbage, green onion, thin pork belly, octopus, squid, vegetables or cheese and is then fried. 

Why you need to try it: It's basically a kind of savory pancake, sometimes called a "Japanese Pizza."

Food vendor(s) offering it: GAJA Okonami (A14), Miniyaki (E21) 

(Harry Heng/Flickr)
(Harry Heng/Flickr)

Bahn Xeo 

Origin: Vietnam

What it is: Rice flour pancakes stuffed with various meats and vegetables, often served with some sort of sweet and sour or fish sauce.

Why you need to try it: It's a like a Vietnamese taco, minus the tortilla. 

Food vendor(s) offering it: Monster Munchie Shop (A20)

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(Brian Jeffery/Beggerly)
(Brian Jeffery/Beggerly)

Taiwanese Sausages 

Origin: Taiwan

What it is: Pork sausages

Why you need to try it: A must for meat-lovers, the sausages at the night market will be handmade. Considering that the Shinlin Night Market, which is the inspiration for the DTLA Night Market, it makes a nice homage.  

Food vendor(s) officially offering it: Lotus Circles (A22)

(Ron Dollete/Flickr)
(Ron Dollete/Flickr)

Gua Bao 

Origin: Taiwan

What it is: Steamed bun stuffed with braised pork belly, pickled mustard greens, cilantro, and powdered peanuts.

Why you need to try it: Once again, an homage to the Night Market's Taiwanese origins, and it looks really similar to peking duck sandwiches.

Food vendor(s) offering it: Popping Fish Balls (A83), might be served at Taiwanese street food vendors

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Origin: Indonesia

What it is: Seasoned and marinated skewered meats such as chicken, beef, pork, or fish

Why you need to try it: A lot of people think that Satay is a peanut sauce because the most common variant is chicken satay in peanut sauce; take some time to try out the other variants. 

Food vendor(s) offering it: Aunty Merry (A28), Simpang Asia (A61)

Potato Twists

(Tornado Potato/Flickr)
(Tornado Potato/Flickr)

Origin: It's unclear, but the fast food version of it started in South Korea.

What it is: A twisted, fried potato on a stick that is then seasoned and served with a sauce. 

Why you need to try it: It's a cross between a french fry and a potato chip, plus it's a staple for Asian street food.

Food vendor(s) offering it: Hotato Potato (C21), Swirl Treats (A58),

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(Arnold Gatilao/Flickr)
(Arnold Gatilao/Flickr)

Egg Puffs 

Origin: Hong Kong

What it is: A batter of eggs, sugar, flour, and evaporated milk that is fried.

Why you need to try it: They're pancake puffs and they look adorable!

Food vendor(s) offering it: Puffect Bakery Café (A36)

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream/Liquid Nitrogen Popcorn

Origin: The ice cream originated in Beverly Hills; the popcorn originated in Los Angeles

What it is: Sub-300 degree-made tasty goodness. (We'd argue liquid nitrogen ice cream is better than most name brands at the grocery store.)

Why you need to try it: Two words: Liquid Nitrogen.

Food vendor(s) officially offering it: For the ice cream, Ice Cream Lab (E14); For the popcorn, Nitro Pop (A54)

DTLA Night Market:

1150 S. Figueroa St. (between 11th and 12th Streets)

Friday, June 20: 4 p.m. - 12 a.m. and Saturday, June 21: 4 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Reach Contributor Heidi Carreon here and follow her on Twitter here.



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