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Datsik's Ninja Nation Tour: Sneak Stage Preview

Marc Sessa |
January 19, 2015 | 3:54 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

 Marc Sessa/Neon Tommy)
Marc Sessa/Neon Tommy)
Troy Beetles, better known by his stage name Datsik, will unveil his new and improved Vortex Lumen stage show, the Datsik Vortex 3.0 experience, this year on his massive North American Ninja Nation Tour. The tour be will kicking off on Jan. 22 in Boston, Mass. and will include over 50 stops before its conclusion. This will be his third incarnation of the immersive 3D-mapping experience combining Lumen powered optical art and firepower along with “bone crushing bass and state of the art audio” to crowds across the nation.

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With the help of two projectors the technology completely surrounds the 26-year-old DJ and producer in mind-blowing visuals that are nothing short of awe inspiring. The front projector shows a majority of the image in which specific shapes and parts of the image, such as a keyhole shape, can be cut out of the projection so that it will not shine on Datsik as he performs. The back projector then fills in this shape behind him, which makes the image look seamless. This is all transported by bus along with the Vortex being broken down into individual panels. In all there are two tour buses with trailers and a semi-truck that will be transporting nine people along with three drivers.

Wanting to try something different, Datsik really focuses the visuals around his music and even has specific elements programmed to be in sync with drops, accelerations, and different intensities throughout his set. He stated that he wanted to convey specific types of moods with different colors and patterns. While explaining his show, he described how different sections of his set would be accentuated with particular production elements to convey those moods.

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 Marc Sessa/Neon Tommy)
Marc Sessa/Neon Tommy)

For example, flashes and strobes will be used to complement more energetic sections, more “dubby” sections will be supported by “acid-y colors” such as pinks, greens, and blues, which all lead up to portions in the end that are “lovey” that will be highlighted by vibrant reds. However, he says that as the tour progresses, the team gets better and better at picking the right visuals for the music and that the show is constantly evolving. But even from the short preview I was able to see, the tour is going to be incredible from start to end. 

But this may be the last run for the Vortex because Datsik has been thinking about creating a new stage. With fan club tickets being roughly $20 (while quantities last) there is no reason you should not see this insane tour when it comes to a city near you! Datsik will be in San Diego on March 11, Los Angeles (21+) on March 12, and Riverside on March 13.

Don’t miss out! Get your tickets here.

Check out a sneak preview of the show below:

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