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Dillon Francis At The Shrine: Show Review

Marc Sessa |
December 23, 2014 | 3:13 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Dillon Francis performs a sold out show at The Shrine on his personalized stage set up "The Gary" (Marc Sessa/Neon Tommy)
Dillon Francis performs a sold out show at The Shrine on his personalized stage set up "The Gary" (Marc Sessa/Neon Tommy)
After finishing two sold out shows in LA, Dillon Francis proves to be one of electronic music's top contenders while simultaneously showing the City of Angels he can throw one of the craziest parties around. Receiving support from HoodBoi and TJR on the "Money Sucks Friends Rule" Tour, the show was nothing short of incredible at The Shine Expo Hall this past weekend. Partially what made the show so entertaining was that it was something different than most of Dillon's sets crowds have witnessed this past year as he has been touring across the United States.

Hoodboi made sure to get the crowd started with beats that had the early crowd dancing and was followed by TJR's insane set that had an attendee announce to the surrounding crowd, "TJR is going to destroy all of us." But after a two and a half hours since the music started, Francis came out to finish the night out. Coming out strong by dropping "Not Butter" from his recently released album, he gave the crowd exactly what they wanted and did not let up for his entire hour and a half long set that left the crowd in awe. Bringing down the venue with trap, house, moombahton and everything in between the diverse set had the crowd going crazy.

Francis used his unique stage set up "The Gary" on his tour that has also been shown at festivals such as Coachella, HARD Summer and HARD Red Rocks. Housing LED panels on the bottom portion of the structure, Francis stood above the crowd, controlling them like a conductor standing before his orchestra. Playing tracks from other artists such as RL Grime, What So Not, Porter Robinson, and DJ Snake really helped to change up his set that had almost seemed to be repeating. Perhaps the extension of an extra thirty minutes of performance time from his usual hour set at festivals allowed him to incorporate so much material from his earlier DJ career among his new album and other DJs' tracks. And thanks to the his audio technicians, the Shrine's acoustics were actually made listenable. The volume was not too loud and the crowd was able to hear every song clearly.

Francis also kept the interest alive with a couple of surprises, including a cameo from Lily Elise who is featured on 'Hurricane' on his album and a mid-performance appearance by Francis' deep house alter ego, DJ Hanzel, that dedicated a portion of the show to "go von deepa." These elements contributed to one of the best shows of the entire year and I am sure the entire crowd would agree that this was a great show to end 2014.

If you happened to miss this show you missed out on an experience of a lifetime. But if that says anything about his performance quality, make sure to catch Dillon Francis the next time he is in town, which is more often than you may think as he calls Los Angeles his home.

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