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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 2 Episode 13: 'Payback'

Noah Camarena |
January 12, 2015 | 4:38 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Jake Cleaning Boyle's Dogs (Twitter/ @Brooklyn99FOX)
Jake Cleaning Boyle's Dogs (Twitter/ @Brooklyn99FOX)
Rosa goes to Boyle for dating advice once again. This time, she is searching for a restaurant to take Marcus out for his birthday. Jake bumps in and gives his advice involving a pot and takeout, much to Rosa’s dismay.

Gina also tries to give her take on the situation and Amy freaks out that Rosa is barely thinking about a restaurant, three days before the event. Much to everyone’s surprise, the best piece of advice actually comes from a suspect in the holding cell.

Jake’s half dollar half coupon doesn't work in the vending machine, so he asks Terry if he can borrow some cash. Terry then tells him that he won’t give him any money until he pays him back. Jake is confused as to why suddenly Terry is asking for money when he hasn’t ever seemed bothered with the debt before.

Amy continues to work on one of Holt’s old cases and she might be just a tad bit too excited at the prospect of working on a case together with her idol of Holt.

Jake approaches Terry and asks him why he suddenly cares about the debt he is owed. Terry tells him that he is just tired of waiting around for Jake to pay him back. Jake somehow comes to the conclusion that Terry is pregnant and that he needs the money for baby stuff. Against all odds, Jake is actually right and Terry’s wife is pregnant but Terry does not want anyone to know.

In working on the old case, Holt tells Amy that he already discovered his mistake and has solved the case himself. 

Jake gives Terry the first installment of his payments and even brings up the idea of Terry making Jake the godfather. Terry agrees to think about it if Jake can keep the secret for four weeks. Boyle and Rosa are suspicious as to why Jake suddenly paid back Terry after owing him money for years. They then reveal that Jake owes everyone money and they want him to pay them back as well.

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Jake holds a meeting to discover how much he owes the rest of the precinct. He owes everyone a good amount of money and they start to question why Jake just won’t split up the money he gave Terry amongst everyone. Because he cannot reveal Terry’s secret, he proposes that he works off the debt for everyone respectively.

Amy and Holt set up a stakeout as they wait for the suspect. Holt even decides to go out and buy some “street meat” because Amy thinks it is a classic stakeout food that police partners enjoy together.

Jake starts paying off his debts by washing Rosa’s motorcycle and he is already not enjoying the many tasks. Gina actually made Jake call people to tell them she was dead just to see how they would react. Nothing was worse than having to massage Scully. Boyle then brings his three dogs for Jake to wash. It seems like a simple task, except Jake hates the dogs because they hump everything. 

Amy and Holt enjoy their street meat and they go to catch the man they believe to be the suspect. Holt quickly realizes that the steet meat does not agree with his stomach and he must immediately be taken home.

Terry leaves for the day and then Boyle confronts Jake telling him that he knows what is going on; Jake must have stolen his idea to start a bowling alley. When messaging Terry about the baby, Jake accidently clicked reply all and thus everyone in the precinct now knows about the pregnancy. 

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Jake tells everyone that it is a big secret and he needs to find a way to get the message out of Terry’s email so that he does not know that everyone knows. Jake is going to go to the gym to keep Terry away and everyone else will work on hacking into Terry’s computer.

Holt returns to the precinct earlier than expected and rushes to the bathroom to take care of his stomach problems.

Jake meets Terry at the gym, and asks him to take him through his workout. 

The precinct has trouble breaking into Terry’s computer because they do not have his password and Jake is struggling with the workout at the gym. Jake is having a hard time, but he needs to stall Terry in order to ensure that the email gets erased. Eventually Boyle figures out the password and the mission is completed.

Terry’s wife comes in to the office to pick him up and just before they leave, Holt comes out and congratulates the couple on their pregnancy. 

Jake goes to apologize to Terry about his misstep, and Terry is obviously upset and says he will not consider Jake for the godfather. Apologies continue as Amy goes to Holt to say sorry about the food poisoning. He tells her that someday they will laugh about the event and Amy is glad that the relationship was not damaged. 

Jake pays back the rest of the money he owes Terry after he sold his car to get the cash. As Jake starts to walk away, Terry asks him if he is still interested in being the godfather. Jake is happy but also reveals that he did not know it is the godfather’s role to raise the kid if anything should happen to the parents. His solution, Yahoo Answers.

Catch “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Sundays at 8:30PM on Fox.

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