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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 2 Episode 10: 'The Pontiac Bandit Returns'

Noah Camarena |
December 10, 2014 | 9:29 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher (Twitter/ @EW)
Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher (Twitter/ @EW)
Craig Robinson makes his return as The Pontiac Bandit and Gina and Boyle with some unwanted love on this week's episode.

Jake is dressed in a Santa costume, ringing a bell for the Salvation Army. He is on the radio with Rosa and it is obviously that he is looking for a suspect. As he continues to try and act like Santa, he notices Doug Judy, otherwise known as The Pontiac Bandit, who is played by Craig Robinson. He confronts Judy but Judy recognizes it to be Jake and throws his onion rings at him and runs away. Judy runs into a lot selling Christmas trees and Jake and Rosa follow him in. Jake is able to arrest Judy but he causes just a bit of damage to the lot.

Holt invites everyone in the precinct to a holiday party and then Jake reveals that he has caught The Pontiac Bandit. Judy tries to cut himself a deal in order to be let go. He thinks that his connections with high profile felons will be of use to the cops. Judy finally gains the interest of Rosa and Holt when he reveals that he knows something about Gigglepig, the drug that Rosa has been investigating with her task force. 

Boyle brings a gift to Gina that he found at his dad’s place and it was addressed from Boyle’s dad to Gina’s mom. This causes the two to think that their parents might be getting serious. They want to investigate the gift to find out where the two are in their relationship.

Terry runs into Amy making a Christmas present for Holt even though the captain has a strict no-gift policy. Amy thinks that by spending time rather than money, it really is not a gift. 

Due to the fact that many jobs are dependent on Rosa’s task force, the precinct decides to listen to what Judy has to say. Judy claims that he can give the precinct the top guy in the whole Gigglepig operation. Judy agrees to a decreased jail sentence in exchange for the top guy’s address, although he does wish to enjoy his last moments outside of a cell. Rosa even agrees to call Judy “Big Sugar.” Jake wants to be involved so he says that Judy cannot leave his sight. 

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Rosa and Jake take Judy to his hotel room where he will be staying before he goes to jail and Jake makes sure that there is no way he can escape. Jake even resorts to putting a tracking device in Judy’s shoe. 

Judy and Jake bond over the expensive room service and the comfortable hotel robes that they wear together as they jump on the bed.

Back at the precinct, Boyle and Gina are trying to figure out how to unwrap the gift without damaging it so that they can rewrap it after they discover what is inside. Gina perfectly unwraps it and tells Boyle that she always unwraps her gift before Christmas so that she knows how to react in order to get the perfect “candid” pictures on Christmas Day. They unwrap the gift to find out that Boyle’s dad got Gina’s mom a digital scale. Knowing that Gina’s mom will hate the gift, even more if the kids are there, Gina and Boyle plan a gift exchange with their parents. 

Jake and Judy get started on their food but not before Jake inspects the food to make sure Judy cannot use it to escape. Rosa gets Judy to text the guy, Tito Ruiz, and Judy warns them that it might be best if he meets Ruiz alone. Of course, Jake does not like this idea at all. Judy gets a text back from Ruiz saying he wants to meet up and they get prepared to meet the dealer.

Amy is freaking out to Terry about her gift to Holt because when she was doing research, she found out them some of the charges against a criminal in Holt’s past were inaccurate. Terry tells Amy that is definitely not a good idea to tell Holt about some mistakes he made in the past. 

Judy, Jake and Rose are met by Ruiz’s bodyguards and then Ruiz comes out to meet the trio. In order to make sure that Judy is for real, Ruiz tells him to steal a car. Because Jake won’t let Judy do anything alone, he tells Ruiz that he will be the one stealing the car while Judy holds the tools. 

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Judy guides Jake through the process of breaking into a car and Jake successfully starts the car.

Boyle and Gina join their parents on a dinner and Gina starts the gift exchange. Much to the surprise of Boyle and Gina, Gina’s mom loves the gift of a digital scale. The parents then announce that they are moving in together. 

Amy and Terry go in to Holt’s office where Amy tells him that she found a mistake in a closed case. Terry tells Holt that AMy found the mistake when she was working on his gift. Amy then gives him the gift but he rejects it and asks to see the file with the mistake. Amy then tells Holt that the evidence is in the scrapbook she made for him so he has to keep it. 

Ruiz takes the cops and Judy to his warehouse. Just as Ruiz and Jake are going to work out details on a fake deal, a car backs into the garage and Judy tries to escape. Jake goes after Judy but then he must decide if he will go after Judy, who he has been after for years, or Ruiz, whose arrest could help the precinct. Jake decides to go after Ruiz and Judy escapes.

Holt thanks Amy for pointing out his mistake because he respects her for not brown nosing him. He then sends Amy on a mission to correct his past mistakes.

Gina tells Boyle that it is now their mission to break up their parents.

At Holt’s holiday party, he gives a toast to Rosa and her task force, congratulating her on her work. Jake shows Rosa a video that he got from Judy in which he brags about escaping and how he played them the whole time. Rosa promises that they will catch Judy one day and thanks him for all of his help.

Catch “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Sundays at 8:30 on Fox.

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