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'The Legend Of Korra' Season 4, Episode 4: 'Enemy At The Gate'

Cristian Pagan |
November 1, 2014 | 11:08 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Varrick saves Zhu Li (Nick)
Varrick saves Zhu Li (Nick)

This week on "Legend of Korra," we find out what is so important about using the spirit vines. Varrick wants to harness the pure energy of the vines, but the experiement goes wrong when one piece of vine has so much energy for the machine that a giant lazer is shot through the train. Zhu Li almost fell off the edge until Varrick saved her. They had a brief romatic moment, but it was really just Zhu Li fantasizing and more of Varrick being Varrick.

Varrick tells Kuvira that he is shutting down the experiment because the harnessing of the vine's powers is way to powerful and he doesn't want it to fall in the wrong hands. It appears that Varrick finally has a conscience but Kuvira won't stand for it. She metal bends him over the moving tracks and threatens to throw him in if he does not comply with her request. The experiment must be finished as she intends to use the energy to take down Zaofu. 

Back in Republic city, Asami visits her father and gives him back all the unopened letters he sent her. One can tell she feels a lot of pain and resentment. Her dad begs her for forgiveness and tells her how she is the greatest thing he has ever created, but Asami cannot let go of her anger and tells him how she does not want to see or hear from him ever again. Back on Kuvira's train, Kuvira tells Bolin that she wants him to be in the inner circle now.

She tells him that he needs to go to Suyin and convince her to give up Zaofu and Bolin is more than happy to do it, but he then sees the huge army at the gates and states that he feels that they are sending the wrong message. However, Kuvira assures him that it is just to show strength, while Bolin is there to show peace.

When Kuvira and Suyin finally meet, Suyin stands her ground and she will not give up Zaofu. Bolin tries to ease the tension by telling them how happy they have made towns. Opal interferes stating that they were happy before Kuvira's army came, and then, when they leave, the army forces them to do slave labor. Suyin is not going to listen to Bolin's brainwashed comments and Kuvira threatens Suyin, for if she does not give up Zaofu in 24 hours, she will take it by force.

Korra finally makes it to Zaofu and sees the army at the gates. Bolin thinks that Kuvira is bluffing about attacking Zaofu but Kuvira declares that they will take any measures to "convince" them. Bolin begins to question how many times these measures were implemented to take over the other countries. Kuvira exclaims how Bolin will have to deal with the truth now that he is in the inner circle. Bolin shows discontent and no longer wants to be in the inner circle.

Korra is ready to face Kuvira (Nick)
Korra is ready to face Kuvira (Nick)

Kuvira asserts her dominance and if Bolin's loyalty is not 100 percet hers then she will send him to one of the recreation camps where he will learn to. Bolin wonders about these camps since they have been sending citizens there multiple times. He tells her he will remain loyal. Korra meets up with Suyin and the others and Suyin talks about the start of Kuvira's dark change.

Three years ago, the president of Republic City and Tenzin went to talk to Suyin about the Earth Kingdom and how they need a leader and they believe Suyin is the perfect one for the job. However, Suyin declines the offer, for she believes she should not have to go around and force her ideals on others. Kuvira, then, steps in and tells her she should do it for the sake of the Earth Kingdom, but Suyin stands by her decision. This causes a change in Kuvira who started making decisions behind Suyin's back until she turns all of Suyin's best police force against her and takes them to stabilize Ba Sing Se.

Suyin wants Korra to go into the avatar State and demolish Kuvira's army and end her reign. However, Korra no longer wants to fight her way through things but wants to try to reason with her. Back in Republic city, Asami is very emotional thinking about her father. Meanwhile, Bolin finds Varrick and they talk about how crazy Kuvira is and they attempt their escape. Korra tries to talk to Kuvira and asks that she backs down, but Kuvira refuses.

Kuvira states that she is the one who had to take charge and worry about the well-being of the world while Korra was away, and that if Korra wants to be any assistance to the world, she should convince Suyin to go down quietly. Suyin's son hunts down Bolin, Varrick, and Zhu Li. They face off in a battle using the robot machines. Julie was kicking butt in those machines, however, Varrick was captures and blames Julie for it (which greatly angers her).

Asami vists her father again. She tells him how she does not feel anger as she thought she would, but rather a lot of sadness. She does not know if she will ever forgive him, but she is willing to try. Meanwhile, on the train, Kuvira punishes the three traitors by sending Varrick to go back to the lab and work on the spirit vines and Bolin and Zhu Li to the recreation camps. Zhu Li then pleads for Kuvira's forgiveness stating that her only mistakes was being loyal to the wrong person.

We have seen for the past 3 seasons how much Zhu li has done for Varrick and she does not get so much as a thank you. She has finally had enough and declares her loyalty to Kuvira. Korra goes back to try to talk to Suyin but she is then informed that Suyin went with her sons to put an end to Kuvira once and for all.

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