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'The Legend of Korra' Season 4, Episode 6 'Battle of Zaofu'

Cristian Pagan |
November 9, 2014 | 11:07 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Korra, Opal, and Jinora confront Kuvira (Nick)
Korra, Opal, and Jinora confront Kuvira (Nick)
In the latest episode of "The Legend of Korra," the battle over Zaofu finally begins. The episode starts out with Suyin and her two sons infiltrating Kuvira's camp with the goal of taking her out. They manage to get into Kuvira's tent only to realize that Kuvira set up a decoy in her place. Then, the tent opened up to reveal that Kuvira is safe and she has them surrounded. She knew they would try to pull some stunt like that.

In Zaofu, Korra is worrying about what might have happened to Suyin. She quickly gets her answer when, all across Zaofu, Kuvira's voice could be heard through the intercoms stating how Suyin broke their peace agreement by trying to kill her in her sleep. As a result, all the major leaders of Zaofu must surrender the state in the morning or she and her army will attack. Korra decides that she will go and try to reason with Kuvira in the morning, along with Opal and Jinora. 

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In the train where Varrick and Bolin are being held, Bataar Jr. tells Varrick he must continue his spirit vine experiments. Varrick manages to talk his way into having Bolin be his assistant since someone needs to help him who is willing to lose their hands in the process. Even though Bolin isn't too excited about the idea, he is forced to do it nonetheless.

Back in Zaofu, Korra confronts Kuvira andher army and tells her that they can negotiate things and end peacefully. Kuvira refuses stating she has already declared what she wants and has attempted to negotiate and all that resulted was her almost being killed. Korra has no other option than to stand her ground with a fight (why she did not appear with an army from Zaofu is beyond me). 

Kuvira accepts the challenge but she says she will not put her own soldiers at risk. She will be the one to fight the Avatar. If she loses, she will leave Zaofu alone, however, if she wins, Avatar Korra must stay out of all her business. Opal tells Korra that she just needs to go into the Avatar State and end her, but Korra only wants to use that as a last resort. Korra accepts the conditions and the battle begins.

If you can even call it a battle, there are not many details that could be given about the fight. Kuvira dodged every single hit that Korra threw at her whether it was fire, earth, or air. One could tell that Kuvira was not even trying. At the beginning of the season, Kuvira faced a group of rebels where she appeared to have used a lot more energy in fighting them than with Korra.

Kuvira got very comfortable and  cocky as the fight continued, for good reason as well. She kept slamming Korra with simple moves and redirecting Korra's hits and getting her off balance. It was, by far, the most pathetic Avatar fight in all the battles we have seen for any Avatar. Back in the train, Bataar Jr. had been paying close attention to what Varrick was doing.

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Bataar had him explain every detail so that he may need to recreate the process. Varrick finally manages to get the spirit vine generator machine to work. However, Bataar notices a ticking. Varrick explains that he created a spirit vine bomb that will set off in about 5 minutes destroying everything within 200 yards. Bolin freaks out and Bataar calls it bluff but he doesn't want to take chances. So, he decides he will leave and take Varrick by force.

Korra struggling (Nick)
Korra struggling (Nick)

However, Varrick thought they might try to take him to a different cart to escape the blast. So, he also created a remote so that he may set the bomb off at anytime. Bataar had no choice but to leave and separate the two carts so that Varrick and Bolin could get away and presumebly blow up. Bolin thought Varrick did a great job acting and all but Varrick assures him that the bomb is real and they only have a few more minutes.

Varrick spends his time cursing Zhu Li for what she has done while Bolin figure out a way to survive. He finds a hatch at the bottom of the train and they both jump off the moving train. Bolin uses his earth bending to dig a whole in the ground to save them from the huge blast. Both of them came out alive, however, Bolin is not too happy with Varrick.

Back at Zaofu, Kuvira keeps demolishing Korra. Opal and Jinora were about to assist but Korra refused. Just as Kuvira was about to end the fight, Korra goes into the Avatar State and knocks her back. She finally gets Kuvira off her feet and hits her with hard blows. Korra creates a small tornado underneath herself and is about to smash a giant rock onto Kuvira. 

Bolin not happy with Varrick after the bomb (Nick)
Bolin not happy with Varrick after the bomb (Nick)

But, when Kuvira looked up at Korra while defenseless, we do not see Kuvira's face but rather the face of the dark Korra from before. Korra loses her focus and cannot stay in the Avatar State and she collapses. Jinora is confused as to why Korra is still like this when they took the metal out of her. Kuvira traps Korra between rocks and she is about to finish the battle when Opal and Jinora knock her into her army.

Kuvira becomes furious as they broke the condition and she commands her army forward. They keep her army back by creating a huge tornado. Jinora uses her spiritual connections to get help from Milo and Ikki. They end up all escaping with Korra on a byson. Opal is sad to leave her mother and brothers but Suyin tells her to keep going.

Kuvira declares victory over Zaofu and in the final scene she tells all the people of Zaofu that they must bow and declare their loyalty in order to remain free. Everyone does except Bataar Jr.'s father and the last sibling. Both of them get taken into custody. Afterwards, Kuvira encharges Bataar Jr. of recreating the spirit vine experiments with the aid of Zhu Li.

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