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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 2 Episode 11: 'Stakeout'

Noah Camarena |
December 18, 2014 | 6:46 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Jake and Boyle (Twitter/ @EW)
Jake and Boyle (Twitter/ @EW)
In an episode that will get a song stuck in your head, there is a stakeout, forbidden love and a controversial children's book.

The episode starts out with a rare smiling Holt. Holt, Jake and Rosa are being honored for their success with the drug task force. Holt is able to stay professional but he also makes sure that he lets everyone know just how happy he is to be receiving the honor.

Terry and Holt tell the gang that they are looking to catch a criminal but they need someone to stakeout the suspects in a criminal. Jake and Boyle volunteer to do the full eight-day stakeout. They are warned that they will get annoyed with one another at the end of the shift but they stick to the commitment. 

Gina and Amy catch Terry making a picture book for his daughter and they notice that the drawings look like people from the squad. 

Jake and Boyle start their stakeout in the hotel. Terry again warns the two to be careful of getting tired of one another, but the two friends are confident that they will be fine. They have plenty to do to keep them busy and they even have a catchy song as an alarm.

Back at the precinct, Holt introduces the squad to his nephew Marcus, played by Nick Cannon. Gina notices that Rosa is interested in Marcus and this makes both Holt and Rosa uncomfortable.

Day two of the stakeout, and Jake and Boyle start showing signs of getting annoyed of one another as they start pointing out things they don’t like about each other. They notice the annoyance and freak out because they know they have a lot longer together. They forget about their differences and get back to the task at hand. 

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It’s day three at the stakeout and in order to avoid fighting, the two create a no-no list where they list the things that annoy them about the other. They think it is a brilliant idea.

Holt brings in Rosa to his office to tell her that Marcus wanted to know if she was single. She says that Marcus has to ask her for her number but Holt does not plan to tell his nephew.

Gina and Amy read Terry’s book even they he told her not to and they realize that the characters in his book have similar traits to the two. This causes them to question themselves and they start acting differently because they don’t like how they were portrayed in the book.

As Jake and Boyle continue the stakeout, they start adding things to the no-no list. This continues throughout the day and they constantly add different things to the list. Pretty much every little thing they do gets added to the list. Eventually the two decide to add no talking to the list to avoid any chance of being annoyed. The two even turn down a relief team even though they could desperately use it, simply because they do not want to be wrong.

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Terry notices that Gina and Amy are acting differently and he explains to the two that he meant no harm by the characters in the book. 

In the morning, Marcus walks downstairs from his room where he finds Holt and his husband eating breakfast. Rosa follows him down the stairs shortly after, obviously heading on her way after spending the night with Marcus. This causes everyone to act awkwardly and Rosa decides to leave.

Jake and Boyle break their no talking rule and start fighting. The two decide that they are not friends and mid-fight, Boyle throws a basketball out the window, blowing the operation.

After the failed stakeout, Jake and Boyle return to the precinct. Seeing that Jake and Boyle are not friends anymore, Hitchcock tries to take the spot as Jake’s best friend. Holt yells at Jake for blowing the operation and told him that it was a bad idea to spend the whole time with Boyle. He tells Jake to go and find the man they were staking out and tells him to take Boyle. 

Amy and Gina talk to Terry about the book one more time and tell him that they learned valuable lessons about themselves after reading it. 

Holt talks to Rosa and tells her that the fact that they work together should not stop her from dating Marcus and the two agree to never talk about it again.

Jake and Boyle go door-to-door to find the criminal and they catch him at his aunt’s house. He escapes down the fire escape but the two work together and arrest him, renewing their friendship. 

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