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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 2 Episode 7: 'Lockdown'

Noah Camarena |
November 19, 2014 | 10:49 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' (@geekedoutnation/Twitter)
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' (@geekedoutnation/Twitter)
In this week’s episode of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" fans finally got to see what the precinct could be like if Jake was in charge.

The episode starts with Santiago coming into the office with flowers for Captain Holt in regards to a loss in his family. Jake thinks this is the wrong way to go so he sends Holt an email himself, but unfortunately he sent it from his personal account. Jake runs to Holt’s office to delete the message but Holt starts reading the message aloud. The signature on Jake’s personal account says “from my stinky butt.” Holt thanks Jakes stinky butt for his regards.

The episode continues with a day in the office where we find out that it is Thanksgiving Day. Holt and Sergeant Terry Jeffords are on their way to a charity event and Holt places Jake in charge of the precinct during his absence. Jake reveals that he is glad to be in charge because he hates Thanksgiving but he also gloats over the fact that he was chosen over Santiago, or so he thought. Santiago reveals that she already had plans and could not take the responsibility.

We get a flash-back to the last time Jake was in charge when he was supposed to run a blood drive but forgot to put out any posters. Without any advertising, no one came to the event and Jake had to donate a lot of blood himself. This of course caused him to pass out.

Once Holt and Terry leave, Jake holds a staff meeting where he grants any requests that his coworkers have, this includes allowing Boyle to use the word “succulent.”

On the drive to the event, Terry reveals that he is glad to be away from home because his intimidating brother-in-law Zeke is in town, the man who calls him “Little Dumb Dumb.”

Back to the precinct and Jake is playing games with the staff where they throw fruit at him while he is guarded by a police shield. After the game, the staff starts to head home for the day and then Boyle knocks over a box and a mysterious powder spills onto the floor. This causes the entire precinct and everyone inside to be placed on lockdown. 

Jake tries to make the lockdown into a fun event because he has no idea how long the investigation team will take to figure out what the powder is. Jake was told it could just be a hoax because a lot of precincts got similar packages and the powder was just baby powder, but then Gina freaks out that it could be anthrax. We then find out that Hitchcock was on the balcony when the precinct got locked down so he is stuck outside.

Jake calls Holt and tells him that everything is under control. Holt still wants to keep up with the incident and wants to go to an office space. They head to Terry’s house much to his dismay; he does not want to have to deal with Zeke but the captain insists. 

The hazmat team tells Jake that they ran their tests and determined that it was not baby powder and there is a slight chance that it could indeed be toxic. 

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Jake calls Holt to let him know about the status of the precinct and because it is a holiday, it will be quite some time until the tests can be run. Jake and Boyle do a runthrough of the people locked inside and nickname each group of people. Jake does not agree with Santiago’s plan for action and Holt tells Jake to take care of it. Jake goes on to apply positions to his staff while they deal with the problem.

Back to Terry’s house where we see Zeke messing with Terry again. Terry is obviously nervous in front of Zeke and Holt sees how uncomfortable his sergeant is.

Jake gathers around the crowd and tells them that he is hoping to know the test results soon. Until then, Jake pitches some events that could keep them busy, eventually setting on allowing Boyle to perform his Single Ladies dance for the people. Someone in the group starts to tell jokes as a way to continue the talent show.

As the people get hungry, Jake allows them to eat through the food that was delivered earlier in the day. However, Hitchcock complains that he cannot get food so Jake says he will have a friend throw him some food and a soda.

Next, the group starts to complain that it is too cold and they start demanding heat. 

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This demand prompts Jake to go look through the evidence in the precinct to find some coats that he remembers getting with Boyle. 

Terry tells Zeke that they’re going to have to stay in the office a little longer. Zeke actually commuicates with Terry because he thinks Terry doesn’t like Holt. He even calls Terry “brotha.” This makes Terry realize that the way to get to Zeke is to bond over not liking their respective bosses. 

Back at the precinct, Jake brings out the coats for the people but there are only five. This only makes people mad and then they start complaining that they are hungry because Jake did not ration the food. One man threatens to leave and Santiago tells Jake that he has to take charge. Jake takes the man to his office and tries to calm him down by telling him all he knows about what the hazmat team told him. The man leaves the office and tells the group that they have been lied to and that the powder is anthrax, causing an outrage amongst the people.

Zeke catches Terry making sandwiches and Terry says that Holt forced him to make him lunch and to bring him an entire pie, complaining that Holt is the worst. We then see Terry eating the food in the office as Holt reads texts from Jake. 

The group has not turned into an angry mob and Jake can not seem to keep them under control. Hitchcock also got hit in the head by a soda can that was thrown up to him by Jake’s friend. Amidst this chaos, a fire also breaks out on a coach in the office. 

Jake calls Holt to let him know that everything got out of control. Holt and Terry decide to come back to the precinct to fix things. 

Jake tries to get Santiago to take over the precinct but she changes his mind and tells him that he just needs to be in charge. This causes a change of attitude in Jake and he becomes more assertive and provides specific orders to the rest of his staff. Everyone responds to his new attitude and gives him some respect. 

Before they leave, Holt tries to thank Terry’s family but Terry stops him and tells Holt to degrade him in front of everyone so that Zeke will continue to bond with Terry.

The hazmat team reveals that the powder was not harmful just before Holt and Terry return. Boyle spread up the investigation process and everyone is able to go home.  

Catch "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Sundays at 8:30 P.M. on Fox.

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