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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 2 Episode 8: 'USPIS'

Noah Camarena |
November 25, 2014 | 10:57 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Ed Helms and Andy Samberg (Twitter, @paste_tv)
Ed Helms and Andy Samberg (Twitter, @paste_tv)
On this week’s episode of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," Jake got involved with the postal service and Amy tried to get over an addiction with the help of her friends.

At the beginning of the show, Scully and Hitchcock trick the practice into believing that they missed Scully’s birthday, knowing that everyone would have given crazy excuses and end up paying cash as a forgiveness. They end up splitting the money and celebrating their successful plan.

Rosa is still in charge of the task force and is trying to solve a case involving giggle pig and the USPS. They have keys from the postal service that were used as evidence in the case. She sends Jake and Boyle to the post office to see what they can find out.

After a simple request, Amy flips out on Captain Holt for the first time in her career. This act shocks everyone and she reveals that she is trying to stop smoking because her boyfriend Teddy does not approve. The precinct agrees to help her stop smoking.

Jake and Boyle head to the post office to meet Jack Danger, a man at USPS that is going to help them solve the case. Danger, played by Ed Helms, is determined to help the force and prove that USPS plays a big role in solving crime, citing mail fraud as a huge example of their success. Danger reveals that the key the cops have is used for a mailbox they have not used in years and he reveals that there are still a few of those boxes around town.

Terry checks on Amy’s progress to see her chewing on a huge wad of gum. He decides to help her out and reveals that he used to dump his head in ice cold water to get rid of his addiction for food. 

Jake and Boyle examine the locations of the mailboxes and Rosa reveals that the two will continue to work with Danger on the case, much to their disapproval.

Danger drives Jake and Boyle to the location of one of the mailboxes where they find giggle pig stored inside. They then see a man carrying a bag of giggle pig headed to the box, but he sees the cops and runs away. Danger and Jake try to catch him but Danger falls and gets in the way.

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Captain Holt gets involved with helping Amy and he reveals that he was addicted to betting on horse racing. He got over this addiction by becoming addicted with exercising. He invited Amy to go on a run with him in order to help her out.

Rosa gets upset at Jake for allowing the suspect to run away and Jake explains to her that it was all Danger’s fault. Rosa says he has to continue working with Danger because the case is clearly connected to the postal service and thus Danger is vital to solving the case. 

After their run, Amy sneaks away into a porta potty and then Holt sees smoke coming from the inside. The running did not help.

Danger finds a list of people that have access to those types of keys and Danger and Jake argue about how to best solve the case. Jake wants to track down the people on the list and Danger wants to stakeout the mailboxes. Danger leaves the office and Jake just prints out the list of the names and they ditch Danger to work on the case alone.

Jake and Boyle go to the apartment of one of the suspects and it is home to the guy that got away earlier in the case.

Terry and Holt take Amy to Gina who leads the three in meditation. Amy eventually gives up on the meditating and sneaks away to smoke out the window. 

Jake and Boyle bring in the suspect but Rosa is upset that they ditched Danger and did not listen to her. She tells Jake that USPS is taking over the case and that the task force gets none of the busts. Jake decides to make it up to Rosa and he teams back up with Danger. He goes to Danger’s office to apologize and get back on his good side for the good of the case.

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Danger and the precinct work together to find the spot of the giggle pig delivery and they head to the spot to find the criminals.

Holt tells Amy that she has to get over her perfectionism by proving that he himself is not perfect. This proves to be the key to Amy letting go of her addiction.

At the site of the delivery, Jake apologizes to Rosa and the task force breaks in and arrests those involved with giggle pig. Danger tries to help but he proves that he is not on the scale with the cops. 

Catch "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Sundays at 8:30 on Fox.

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