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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 2 Episode 9: 'The Road Trip'

Noah Camarena |
December 1, 2014 | 3:51 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Andy Samberg and Eva Longoria (Twitter/ @EWTV)
Andy Samberg and Eva Longoria (Twitter/ @EWTV)
On this week’s episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Jake and Amy have an awkward double date, Boyle teaches Holt how to love food and Rosa downs a bottle of cough syrup.

The episode starts with Jake and Boyle explaining to Holt that they will be going undercover as longshoremen in order to catch the person who has been smuggling cargo ships. The two have adopted new personalities in order to blend in with the rest of the workers on the docks. As the two head out on their mission, they receive word that the leader of the smuggling ring turned himself in and thus there is no need to go undercover. The two are visibly upset so Holt allows them to act out their personas for an additional ten minutes before they have to get back to work.

Jake and Amy have to transfer a prisoner to another prison and they have to spend the night at a bed and breakfast before the job. Jake uses this trip as an opportunity to invite his girlfriend Sophia, played by Eva Longoria, to join them at the bed and breakfast. This romantic gesture causes Amy to explain how her boyfriend Teddy never does anything spontaneous like that. Seeing that Amy is upset, Jake decides it would be a good idea to invite Teddy along to the trip as well.

Back at the precinct, Holt invites Boyle into his office for a question about food. This excites Boyle because now he thinks he will have something in common with the captain. It turns out that Holt has no interest in food, but he simply wants advice on what to cook for his partner for their anniversary. Boyle eagerly agrees to help the captain.

Rosa goes to Terry and Gina to tell them about a perp that needs to be questioned but Rosa is noticeably sick although she claims it is just allergies. She refuses to go home because she knows he drug task force needs a win and the perp has the name of the Gigglepig supplier.

Jake and Amy meet Sophia at the bed and breakfast and when she goes up to the room, Jake tells Amy that Teddy is on his way. This causes Amy to freak out because she was planning on breaking up with Teddy. 

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Jake thought he was just trying to help Amy with her relationship, but then she reveals that she wanted to break up with him because there is no longer a spark and all he talks about is pilsners. Amy was prepared to break up with him, but now she starts to worry that she is going to act strange around him and give away the fact that she wants to end things. 

At the precinct, Terry tries to help Rosa with the questioning but she will not accept anyone’s help. Rosa downs a bottle of cold medicine and gets back to work. Terry and Gina decide it is up to them to help Rosa.

Jake goes up to his and Sophia’s room and it is filled with creepy dolls. Sophia thought it would be cute but it proved to just be very scary. Jake explains to Sophia that he promised Amy to help her with her situation with Teddy. This leaves little time for the couple to be alone, but Sophia is okay with it because he’s just helping a friend. 

Boyle is helping Holt with food and he feeds him a cube of cheese. He tries to get the captain to describe the cheese but Holt does not see the point in this. Boyle goes on to describe his favorite meal and he has a whole story behind its importance. Holt does not share this same appreciation for food and it frustrates Boyle.

Jake and Sophia find Amy downstairs playing table tennis with an elderly lady and she is freaking out about having to spend time with Teddy. Jake and Sophia try to calm her down and tell her that they will help her get through the evening. 

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The couples go to dinner together, at which Jake and Sophia spend the time trying to ease the tension between Amy and Teddy. Amy is noticeably uncomfortable and she can barely hold herself together. She snaps and tells Teddy that she wants to break up. 

At the precinct, Rosa is obviously high from the cold medicine and is acting much more hyper than usual. Terry decides that he will interrogate the perp and Gina takes it upon herself to lock Rosa in a room so as not to deal with her.

Boyle teaches Holt how to make scrambled eggs, but Holt is not a very good student. Boyle tries to teach Holt the small necessities of cooking but Holt gets fed up and he decides to give up on trying to learn. 

Teddy tries to stop Amy from breaking up with him but she continues to tell him that she really wants to end things. This causes Teddy to confront Jake and how he thinks that is the reason his relationship is bad. Amy then admits that she did like Jake at one point and it caused her to be confused with Teddy. This makes both Sophia and Teddy uncomfortable, so they leave the table. Jake and Amy leave shortly after.

Jake goes looking for Sophia but he knocks at the wrong door. Thankfully Sophia is right across the way and he is able to apologize for what happened at dinner. Sophia realizes that she overreacted to Jake’s reaction when he found out that Amy liked him. The two make up and all is well.

The next day, Holt comes in to the office and gives Boyle his culinary creation that brings back a memory. Boyle is proud of Holt’s progress and feels accomplished. 

Terry and Gina go to find Rosa in the room after she had been asleep practically all day. Terry reveals that he interrogated the perp and he gets Rosa to go home and take care of herself. 

As Jake and Amy drive the criminal to his new jail, they discuss the night before. Jake continues to make fun of Amy for the fact that he liked her and that he will forever use it against her. 

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