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Are We Ready For A 'Frozen' Sequel?

Tanya Mardirossian |
December 2, 2014 | 11:42 a.m. PST

Associate Entertainment Editor

Characters together at the ending of "Frozen" (Twitter/ @TheDisneyBlog)
Characters together at the ending of "Frozen" (Twitter/ @TheDisneyBlog)

Rumors about a “Frozen” sequel sparked when Idina Menzel was interviewed by the Telegraph UK. During another interview, Menzel admitted she is unsure about whether a sequel is in the works or not, as told by Time Magazine. Sorry “Frozen” fans—maybe Olaf and the gang aren’t back for the big screen—not yet, anyway. 

“You know, I have no idea. I just assumed that because it’s so successful that’s what they’re up to,” Menzel said. 

Entertainment Weekly reported that Menzel would like to be a part of the sequel for the film, though she probably won’t be part of the Broadway adaptation. 

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“Frozen” writer and director Jennifer Lee is busy with making “A Wrinkle In Time” a Disney film, so if the sequel happens, it won’t be for a while. 

The film was a huge box office success with its Thanksgiving debut last year, and has been a trending film ever since, including the film’s soundtrack and merchandise. The film is the highest grossing animated film (grossed $1.27 billion worldwide). 

Yes, the movie was a success, but are the sequels really ever as successful? The film already had a deep, sisterly plot with romantic sublets involved, and like any Disney movie, it had a happy ending. What’s left for the characters? Another frozen summer Anna needs to help Elsa overcome? But perhaphs it's the success that would drive people to see the sequel.

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Olaf in "Frozen" (Twitter/ @kidsequipped)
Olaf in "Frozen" (Twitter/ @kidsequipped)

If the confusion about the sequel has you down, there is a somewhat happy ending to this news. “Frozen” fans can see an animated short called “Frozen Fever.” The short will be about Anna celebrating her birthday. The film to which this animated short will introduce has not been revealed, but is expected to accompany the unknown film in 2015. 

Warm hugs from Olaf until then. 

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