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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3, Episode 6: ‘Caramel Princess Time’

Alex Reed |
November 5, 2014 | 11:06 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

(The Mindy Project/Facebook)
(The Mindy Project/Facebook)
Though this week’s episode of “The Mindy Project” was two weeks late – the show was on a brief hiatus – it was worth waiting for and very appropriately about how Mindy is always late.

The episode begins with Danny waiting for Mindy outside of a movie theater. When he texts her to find out where she is, she says she’s in a cab – but really at her apartment – and then says she’s outside the theater looking for him – but really in the cab. When she finally arrives, the movie is sold out and Danny is not happy because it means missing out on “The Godfather 2,” the movie that raised him.

When Mindy arrives at work the next day, Danny informs her that she is 18 minutes late. She thinks nothing of it but then he continues to talk about they’ve been dating for 7 months (already?) and she is late to everything. Mindy’s only defense is that being late is part of her “spontaneous and fun deal.”

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Dr. Fishman pays Danny a visit in his office to recommend that he participate in a new mental health program for “at-risk hospital personnel.” After his (fake) outburst over Mindy and Dr. Fishman’s kiss, she thought Danny could use an outlet for his feelings. He insists that he’s fine, but then makes a joke about murdering Mindy for always being late, which does not amuse Dr. Fishman.

Tamra and Morgan come into Peter’s office to tell him that they want to set him up with Tamra’s best friend Abby. He asks what’s wrong with her and Tamra says that Abby’s recently lowered her standards, making Peter perfect for her. Peter looks offended, but Tamra saves it by saying that her and Abby “are like twins.” Peter then says he needs to go hit the gym – “to steal some soap” – and leaves.

Mindy shows up to a comedy club for a date with Danny, but he isn’t there. She texts him to gloat over beating him there, but then he points out that the show was at 8:00 and it’s now 8:10. He was there on time and left because he didn’t want to wait for her. The comedian then grabs her phone from her, reads her messages and tells everyone that she is fighting with her boyfriend about her being “chronically late.” Mindy takes her phone back and leaves.

Peter walks into a restaurant and asks the hostess if any “beautiful women of color” have checked in yet. He walks over to the bar and starts talking to a woman (Allison Tolman) about his date. He says that his date’s name is Abby – which happens to be the girl’s name as well – and she is tall, gorgeous and “for lack of a better word, African-American.” She says that she’s meeting “a doctor who looks like meatloaf.” She mentions Tamra’s name and Peter realizes that Abby is his date. They sit down to eat and after a brief conversation – which includes her telling him that she writes historical romance novels – Peter pulls out his phone and pretends that he’s being called to the hospital so he can leave.

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Mindy comes into the office – late again – to find Danny waiting. She walks by him without saying anything, but turns back to tell him that she’s giving him the silent treatment. Danny follows her into the kitchen – where the whole office is having breakfast – and reminds her that she’s never late for deliveries, but late to all of their dates. He says that they do the same job and he’s never late anywhere. She says it’s because he’s a guy and doesn’t take as long to get ready to go somewhere. She says that for all the work she puts into how she looks, she’s “basically CGI.” Tamra also reminds her that people need to think about “CPT,” which Mindy interprets to mean “colored people time,” but it actually stands for “caramel princess time.” Tamra says that people have to wait for girls as cute as them. Danny immediately shuts that idea down, but Mindy says that if he was late just once, he’d see that being late isn’t a big deal. He says he’ll never be late and leaves.

Tamra and Morgan yell at Peter for ditching Abby on their date. Peter says that he was hoping for more of a physical match, questioning Tamra’s “twin” description. Tamra and Morgan attack Peter’s appearance, saying that “Natalie Portman would throw up if she saw [him].” They insist that Peter apologize to her and he agrees.

Later that night, while Danny is sleeping, Mindy resets his watch. The next day, Danny runs into Mindy on his morning run. He sees that she’s all ready for work and notes how early she is. But when she shows him the time on her phone, he realizes what she did. Mindy then hops into a cab and rides to work, leaving Danny to finally be late to something.

Danny frantically tries to get a cab and when he can’t, he decides to run to work. Meanwhile, Mindy announces to the whole office that Danny is running late. But, Danny runs into the office just in time. He loudly gloats about Mindy’s failure to make him late, then notices that Dr. Fishman is in the office, looking disappointed.

In his office, Dr. Fishman tells Danny that his emotional issues are out of control. She says that he’s suspended from seeing patients until he completes the mental health seminar, taught by none other than Dr. Deslaurier (Mark Duplass).

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Danny goes home to find an apologetic Mindy. He complains to her about the seminar, which he has to complete on the same day he was supposed to take his mother to her hair appointment. Mindy offers to take her instead.

Peter goes to a bookstore to apologize to Abby. He learns that she’s doing a signing for newest book and gets in line, reading a copy while he waits. When he gets to the front of the line, he tells her that it’s amazing and that he’d like to take her on another date. She refuses – knowing that he ditched her because of how she looks – and calls him a jerk.

Danny arrives at the mental health seminar and immediately starts making jokes about it. Dr. Deslaurier has everyone sit in a circle and talk about why they’re there. Morgan – whose presence is a surprise to Danny – says that his female boss is in love with him, and he’s addicted to cookies. Dr. Deslaurier asks Danny to share why he’s there, but he refuses. Dr. Deslaurier says that Danny can leave – which Danny gladly starts to do – but adds that he will give Danny an “incomplete” for the seminar and will request further evaluation for him. Danny reluctantly sits down.

(The Mindy Project/Facebook)
(The Mindy Project/Facebook)
Meanwhile, Mindy is at Danny’s mother’s house, waiting for her to get ready and making small talk with her friend Dot. Mindy wonders out loud why Danny said they’d need an hour to get to the hair salon when it’s only five minutes away, but soon learns why. Annette (Rhea Perlman) comes out wearing the same shirt as Dot and insists that Mindy take a picture of them, email it to her and then print out the email for her. After Mindy takes the photo, Annette then decides to change her clothes.

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Back at the mental health seminar, everyone has paired off and is telling their partner that they support them. When Danny refuses to say it to Morgan, Dr. Deslaurier says that his participation is necessary. He then says they need to tell their partners that they love them. Danny refuses and begins ranting, saying that if people want to stop being crazy they should “eat lean protein and exercise 10 times a week like a normal person.” Dr. Deslaurier says that group therapy seems to be “too basic” for Danny and decides to work with Danny individually.

Mindy – who has a brand-new, over the top hairstyle at Annette’s request – finally gets Annette and Dot to the hospital for Annette’s mammogram, but they are an hour late. The doctor is leaving, but Mindy explains why they were so late – and reminds her that Mindy once took care of her when she was drunk – and she reluctantly agrees to stay and do Annette’s mammogram.  But then Annette decides that she’s too tired and doesn’t want to get a mammogram anymore. Dot adds that Jenny McCarthy said on “The View” that the machines give you cancer. At that, Mindy snaps. She calls them inconsiderate and chastises them for how late they are to everything. She demands that Annette get her mammogram, but then Annette and Dot start to cry.

Dr. Deslaurier now has Danny sitting across from him in the middle of the group therapy circle and explaining his fight with Mindy about her being late to the movie. He keeps pressing Danny about why Mindy’s being late is such a big deal and finally Danny admits that his Dad once stood him up for a movie. He says that he doesn’t understand why someone would keep someone they love waiting. Dr. Deslaurier insists that there’s more to it, but Danny’s mother calls him and Dr. Deslaurier lets him go for now, adding that he’s proud of him.

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(The Mindy Project/Facebook)
(The Mindy Project/Facebook)
Peter shows up at Abby’s book club with a story he wrote, “A Titanic Mistake: A Sunken Romance.” The story is riddled with messages about how what’s underneath is most important – as with an iceberg – and after reading it in its entirety, he asks Abby on another date and she says yes.

Danny arrives at his mother’s house to find Mindy sitting on the porch – because she’s been locked out. She apologizes to him for always being late and says she understands why he is so adamant about being punctual. He also apologizes, saying that he overreacts to her being late. Mindy then decides to go apologize to Annette and Dot and they go inside.

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