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'The Legend Of Korra' Season 4, Episode 7: 'Reunion'

Cristian Pagan |
November 16, 2014 | 3:03 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Korra blushes at Asami's compliment (Nick)
Korra blushes at Asami's compliment (Nick)
On the latest episode of "The Legend of Korra," team Avatar was (mostly) reunited after three years of being apart. In Republic City, Korra finally changed into her old blue water tribe clothes making her look like the Korra we all know and love, although the hair is still a drastic difference. Korra blushes when Asami compliments it while they're catching up.

Korra, Mako and Asami head to a restaurant to talk about what has been going on and what they are going to do about Kuvira's army. Unfortunately, they have to bring Prince Wu with them since Mako is his body guard. Meanwhile, Varrick and Bolin are trying to make their way back to Republic City in order to warn everyone about Kuvira's plans with the spirit vines. However, Varrick is not pulling his weight, literally, since Bolin has been carrying him the entire time. 

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Bolin finally gives Varrick a piece of his mind on how lazy and inconsiderate Varrick is which explains why Zhu Li wanted to leave him. Varrick steps up to carry Bolin for a little bit, but, he takes once step and they both get swooped up by a net that was set as a trap. Back in Republic City, Prince Wu needed to go to the bathroom and asked Mako to go with him but Mako refused because he always goes with him and nothing happens. Prince Wu goes alone and Korra and Asami question Mako on whether or not he actually goes in with him. He says that he just stands by the bathroom, but still...that's weird. 

In the bathroom, Prince Wu gets gased by the attendant. Going back to the two stuck hanging on a tree, Bolin and Varrick meet a group of people who escaped from Kuvira's re-education camps. They are all a group of mixed benders. It turns out Kuvira is arresting all the benders who are not earthbenders in the Earth Kingdom. The group is reluctant to trust Bolin and Varrick since they are wearing Earth Kingdom officer uniforms (and Varrick mentions that they were both part of Kuvira's inner circle).

Tensions come to a peak between the them all until Bolin lava bends to separate themselves and to also have them finally listen to them so that they may work together. Meanwhile, Mako realizes that Wu is taking a long time in the bathroom so they all go check on him. That is when Korra realizes that something is off. She goes outside to discover that Prince Wu is being kidnapped. The kidnappers get away in their van but Korra and the team are right on their trail.

They lost sight of the van for a little bit but Asami manages to work the streets in order to find them and Korra brings the van to a stop. However, they discover that, during the time that the van was out of sight, Prince Wu was moved to a different location. Korra uses her new abiliiy that Toph taught her to use her spiritual connections to locate Wu. It turn out he is being taken on a train to be delivered to Kuvira.

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Back to Bolin and Varrick, they teamed up with the group of convicts to try to make it past one of the Earth Kingdom check points. Bolin and Varrick pass off as officials who are delivering a group of escapees from Camp 14. After Varrick surprisingly manhandles the questionable guard at the front of the gate, they manage to get half way through before one of the officers realize that Bolin and Varrick are wanted by Kuvira. A fight breaks out between Bolin's group and the guards using the metal fighting suits.

Bolin lava bending the guards back (Nick)
Bolin lava bending the guards back (Nick)
In Republic City, team avatar makes it on the train and find Prince Wu and they then get ambushed by some of Kuvira's henchemen. They end up going to the top of the train and almost get beat until Korra airbends them to the ground while they pass over a bridge. In Bolin's fight, Varrick uses the energy generator in the main station to electrocute the metal suits and Bolin then lava bends all the guards back.

Team avatar takes Prince Wu to Asami's house where Mako's family has been staying since they consider it to be a safe place for him. Mako's grandmother faints when she sees Wu since she loves royalty. Bolin and Varrick hitch a ride with the escaped convicts on a small boat back to Republic City. 

The episode concludes with Bataar Jr. telling Kuvira that they have found a new source of spirit vines with an insanely larger amount of energy then they ones they had before. We then get an expanded clip of their location: the swamp. This raises many questions: what is Kuvira's plan with the vines, will Bolin reach Korra in time to tell her and will Toph get involved?

We'll have to wait and see.

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