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'The Legend Of Korra' Season 4, Episode 4: 'The Calling'

Cristian Pagan |
October 25, 2014 | 10:59 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Last night, the fourth episode of the "Legend of Korra" premiered on Nickelodeon's website.

It starts off with Tenzin's kids (Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo) going off on their first adventure to try to find Korra. Jinora tries to use her spiritual connections to locate Korra but cannot get a sense of her and her siblings are not really helping her focus either. They eventually land on the island that Korra first went to when she left the Southern Water Tribe. A merchant tells the kids that Korra was there about six month ago, but she was not really looking good, as this is the same island where she got knocked down by thieves with only one shot.

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Ikki gets really frustrated that her siblings are not making her feel inluded and they are not taking into consideration her ideas and she runs off into the woods where she gets captured by two of Kuvira's men from Earth Empire. She tells them they are looking for the avatar and the men devise a plan to capture all three kids and take them to Kuvira for a reward. However, they are not really bright and they are also not of the mean type to commit such an action.

Back at the swamp, Toph sends Korra off to find some mushrooms to eat; she ends up walking into visions of her worst memories. Each one representing her worst moments of defeats such as Amon taking her bending, Unalaq ripping Raava from her spirit, and Zaheer administering the poison. Meanwhile, Ikki tries to make good conversation with the men that captured her because she does not want to go back to her unappreciating siblings. They tell her that Kuvira took all the troops to Zaofu.

The two men give some really good advice to Ikki by telling her that she is valuable and that she should never let anyone, even her siblings, make her feel otherwise. They try to help Ikki locate Korra by showing her a map of the Earth Kingdom and Ikki notices that they have not yet searched the swamp. Then, Jinora and Meelo break in and knock the men out thinking they are saving Ikki, but, in reality, she was completely find the entire time. 


At the swamp, Toph explains how she wanted Korra to see the visions, for the swamp makes you see things in oneself for the purpose of helping the individual achieve their goal. The swamp will teach Korra what she needs to learn as long as she is open to its teachings. Toph continues by telling Korra that the reason the swamp is showing her those defeats is because she is still carrying around her former enemies just like she is still carrying those last remains of the poison. 

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Jinora and the others are about to pass the swamp, because she thinks there is nothing there to help them, until they get grabbed by vines shooting from the ground that pulls them down into the swamp. Obviously, the swamp wants them to find Korra. Toph takes Korra to the main tree of the swamp that is the center of all the connections and Korra manages to focus and generates a connection with the swamp that Jinora senses and uses to locate her.

The children tell Korra that the world needs her. Kuvira is on her way to dominating the Earth Kingdom and they need Korra to stop her. Korra is ready to get back into the action but Toph will not bend the metal out of her. It has be Korra to do it herself. When attempting to remove the metal, Korra remembers her fight with Zaheer but she refuses to let it control her and she bends the last few pieces of metal out and she re-establishes her connection with the Avatar State. 

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