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'The Legend Of Korra' Season 4 Episode 2: 'Korra Alone'

Cristian Pagan |
October 10, 2014 | 5:49 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The second episode of "The Legend of Korra" aired this morning on Nickelodeon’s website. The episode is called “Korra Alone,” a throwback to the original Avatar: The Last Airbender episode named “Zuko Alone.” The episode starts out with Korra looking at herself in a cracked mirror looking at her wounds. As she leaves the bathroom, she sees a mirage of herself dressed in her previous water tribe clothes while in the avatar state and with chains bound to her hands; she looks exactly how she did when she fought Zaheer three years ago.

Apparently, this is not the first time Korra sees this ghost and she fights it off only to realize that there is nothing there and everyone is staring at her. Straight into a flashback, we see Korra in a wheelchair as she is about to leave for the Southern Water tribe in order to recuperate. She originally planned to stay only a few weeks to recover, but as we already know, it takes three years. Korra continually has nightmares about her life threatening battle with the red lotus and Korra’s mom urges her to go see Katara so that she may get better. Katara tries to heal Korra but she tells her that a lot of the work has to come from Korra herself as a lot of the damage isn’t just internal but psychological.

The first exercise Katara has Korra do is to just focus on her big toe and to try to move it, which she does. However, when she tries to take a step and walk while holding on to bars, she instantly thinks about the venom and the danger she was in and she collapses. Korra becomes very flustered not only by her lack of progress but also by the many letters she receives from her friends stating how their helping the world. Korra feels she is failing at her job as the avatar, for she is the one who should be out there creating order. Six months later, Korra is finally able to focus and take her first step and complete the walking exercise.

Back in the present, Korra sees the ghost again, however, there is a dog that barks at it as well which means it is not just a product of Korra’s mind but an actual presence. The dog chases after the ghost and wants Korra to follow him. Into the past, Tenzin goes to visit Korra and she tries to fight three men in order to prove to Tenzin that she is back on her game. She starts out great but then begins to think of Zaheer and she loses focus and gets knocked down. Now, two years has passed and Korra is writing Asami how she is feeling a lot better but she still cannot get into the avatar state or feeling the avatar essence named Rava. Korra tells her parents that she is ready to go back to republic city, but alone.

Korra stops at an island, presumably Keoshi Island where Avatar Aang had a lot of fun times at, and she tries to take down to thieves as they are robbing an old lady, however, Korra is knocked down in just one hit, and the locals question whether she is really the avatar or not. As she is about to arrive in Republic City, Korra sees the mysterious ghost of herself for the first time and she turns the boat around. She, then, redoes her look and changes clothes and hairstyles to appear as we see her in the present. She goes into the spirit world and meditates in the Tree of Life hoping to find some peace and answers when a group of spirits crowd around her.

The Greatest Earth bender Toph (Nick)
The Greatest Earth bender Toph (Nick)

One spirit offers to help Korra recover from her current state but she turns the aid down stating that she needs to do it by herself. Korra constantly sees the spirit wherever she goes until she finally chases after it into the grudge match arena we saw her fighting in at the end of the first episode. She decides to go into the ring because that is where she sees the ghost. We re-watch the match we saw at the end of the first episode, however, we see it through Korra’s eyes as she not only sees her competitor but also the ghost while battling.

We fast forward through the events we already know have occurred since the match and were caught up and in the present where Korra follows the dog into the swamp and they cross into the spirit world. It turns out that the dog is actually the spirit that offered to help Korra when she was in the Tree of Life. Korra meets face to face with the ghost and they fight until Korra leg gets chained and pulled into a pond made out of the metal poison Zaheer tried to kill her with. She wakes up in a cave with an old lady who recognizes her as the Avatar.

However, this is not just any old woman but the one and only member of the original Team Avatar, Toph. 

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