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Charli XCX At The Mayan Theatre: Review

Kathy Zerbib |
October 25, 2014 | 7:39 a.m. PDT

Senior Entertainment Editor

Put on your dancing shoes, Charli XCX is taking you to the discotheque (Instagram/@DianeDarling).
Put on your dancing shoes, Charli XCX is taking you to the discotheque (Instagram/@DianeDarling).
After her Friday night show at the Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles, Charli XCX proved her recent accomplishments in the music industry are only the beginning. If you haven't heard of her two opening acts FEMME and Elliphant, you should probably check them out. You'll be hearing about them just as much as Charli very soon.

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The Mayan Theatre has a club atmosphere to it, making it unique from traditional concerts. This is a show, but it's also a party with a balcony seating area to boot. This was a good choice for the girl-power tour. Fans lined up as early as 3:00 P.M. for front-of-the-stage standing room.

The Mayan proved to be the perfect venue for FEMME, Elliphant and Charli XCX. Despite being a sold out show, there was plenty of space to move around. The theme was prom. Balloons around the room spelled out "IT'S PROM SUCKERS," "suckers" being a term Charli XCX's fans know about. Pink and white balloons added authenticity to the prom theme. 

Dressed provocatively in a little black outfit, FEMME was up first. This rising star is British and prides herself on overseeing every part of the music process - writing lyrics, producing beats, mixing tunes, singing and directing music videos. When you hear her music, it's all her. Once the lead singer of the band Ultraista, FEMME's solo debut has been well received. Her two hits "Fever Boy" and "Heartbreak" even earned her Charli's attention.

Her debut album is set to release spring of 2015. When FEMME took the stage, it was clear her unique sound is all her own. Her alternative pop performance included plenty of funky dance moves, especially lots of seductive hip rolling. She performed several upbeat tunes, like a jazzed up cover of Aretha Franklin's "R.E.S.P.E.C.T." This girl can definitely hit her high notes. She also performed some of her own biggest hits, such as "Double Trouble," "Uneducated" and her latest single "High."

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Her blend of slow and fast tracks took the crowd on a roller coaster of emotions. Toward the end of her set, FEMME performed "Fever Boy," the breakthrough hit that earned her Charli XCX's respect. After the show, FEMME had a meet and greet by the venue's merchandise booth to sign CDs, posters and other memorabilia for her adoring fans.

Elliphant was next. Her love for animals and all things of the wildlife was immediately apparent in her clothing choice and name. Elliphant hails from Sweden and is a fierce and sweet woman, both on and off the stage. She just released her EP "One More," already a huge hit. The EP has five tracks: "One More," "Purple Light," "Never Been in Love," "Save the Grey" and "You're Gone."

Her aggressive stage presence was a hit at the Mayan. She used two microphones for an autotuned part of the show. She jumped around on the stage, performing hits like "Music is Life," "One More" and "Down on Life."

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On her downtime, Elliphant told the crowd she'd been diagnosed since 11, her love for animals like the rhino and the importance of the "grey space." By the end of her set, she gained a horde of new fans. Her passion is heartfelt and the baby-faced crowd loved her.

Read our exclusive interview with Elliphant very soon!

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Charli XCX took on the Mayan next. She opened with "Sucker" dressed in a cheerleading outfit (With "SUCKER" written on it, of course) and a crown suitable for the prom queen. Charli was joined on stage by her three-girl band, furthering her girl power movement. She continued with hits like "Breaking Up," Icona Pop's "I Love It," "Lock You Up," "Caught in the Middle" and "London Queen." Charli jumped all over the stage, and her fans jumped along with her.

She also performed perhaps her latest big single, "Break the Rules," and dropped balloons on the crowd. How fitting! Charli performed "Fancy," both her part and rapping Iggy Azalea's. Too bad Iggy didn't come out for a surprise guest appearance… Before closing out the night, she had the crowd sing her mother Happy Birthday. Then she finished with "Boom Clap," another big single.

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