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Elliphant Discusses New EP 'One More,' Disgust With Pop & Hip Hop Artists

Kathy Zerbib |
November 3, 2014 | 11:54 a.m. PST

Senior Entertainment Editor

Elliphant just wrapped up her tour with Charli XCX (Image by Alexander Frederic/Courtesy of Jennifer Jones).
Elliphant just wrapped up her tour with Charli XCX (Image by Alexander Frederic/Courtesy of Jennifer Jones).
Hailing from Sweden, Elliphant (née Ellinor Olovsdotter) is staking claims in the music industry on a global level. Elliphant has worked with big names like Diplo and Skrillex and recently toured with Charli XCX and FEMME. She's opinionated, she's fierce and she's here to stay. 

Neon Tommy sat down with the Billboard Emerging Artist before her Los Angeles show at the Mayan theatre to discuss her new EP "One More" and her thoughts on the current state of the industry.

Neon Tommy: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never listened to your music?

Elliphant: It's very all over the place. It's not a sound, really. I call it provocative pop music in a sense that it's not following any genre, it's all over the place. It's a rock pop song, it's a punk pop song, it's a hip-hop pop song… It's always going to have that flirtiness of a pop song, and maybe a little bit more comfortable than a proper punk or a proper rock [song], but it's always in that world.  

Neon Tommy: What inspired your unique genre?

Elliphant: I think it was just a natural, not trying [thing]. If I would have thought about it and tried [different] things, I would have probably figured out, like, a vibe. But now I never thought about it and I'm just doing what I'm doing. I'm very lucky that I have a label that is pushing this. They don't want me to look the same in every song. So I have a big support of just being who I am. It's easy like that.

Neon Tommy: Who in the music industry would you say has helped shape you, or motivated you? Who do you look up to?

Elliphant: I think everybody that has been a part of this has inspired me and motivated me. The fact that people believed in my project did inspire me and definitely motivated me to do it. Like, it started off with a couple of guys who were producers in my label. Having me on their songs, it wasn't all about me anymore. I'm on their songs, I have to stand up for them. You know? So I think loyalty has been big. Being loyal to the people in my project has been the biggest push to stay strong and just do it.

Neon Tommy: You just released your EP "One More." What was your thought process behind making those songs? What were you thinking while doing it?

Elliphant: I made, like, 50 songs this year. [The EP] was a selection of those. That was like the five songs that [were] very presentable at this stage. I thought it was nice after releasing the "Look Like You Love It" EP to give a little bit more diversity and my singing and be a little more physical with people. It's a bit about love, I guess, which I usually don't sing about so much. I thought that was a little bit of a theme of the thing. That's me, I'm really in that moment right now. I had only one relationship in my life and it didn't really work out… I thought about that a lot this year. I think that reflects in many songs. But, no, there's nothing special about these particular five songs.

Neon Tommy: What's your favorite one out of these five songs?

Elliphant: Every day is different. Like, with all my music. Sometimes, I really, really hate my songs. Sometimes, I really love them. It depends what mood I'm in.

Neon Tommy: You've worked with Dr. Luke, Joel Little, Tommy Tysper… Who else do you plan on collabing with?

Elliphant: I don't have any set-up, 100% plans that I can talk about. But I will continue working with Luke and Diplo… Skrillex and I have some more work to do. We got a couple of songs we need to work on and finish. I'm really, really hoping on a Massive Attack thing. That's, like, wishful thinking, but that's what I really want… I got a lot of LA-based producers to work with, actually. But I don't have a clear answer to that.

Neon Tommy: How has it been touring?

Elliphant: It's been good. I've been touring since May, now. All summer, the festivals, and now this. I'm really tired, actually. It's been really cool, because I never toured a young audience before. I've always toured clubs where it's over 21 [years old]. It's been really cool to go up at seven o'clock and be like, "Hey, people! Hello, little people!" Like, it's been nice like that. It's very good for my project. The girls on the tour [are] amazing. Charli's fun. We've spent a lot of time. Charli and I spent a lot of time before... It's a good crew, it's a good experience. It's been really fun.

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Neon Tommy: How did you meet Charli?

Elliphant: I met her first time at Katy Perry's party. Katy Perry had a barbecue party. So we had a chat there and then we were out a couple of times. We had some good times.

Elliphant - "I'm actually not a pop person at all" (Image by Alexander Frederic/Courtesy of Jennifer Jones).
Elliphant - "I'm actually not a pop person at all" (Image by Alexander Frederic/Courtesy of Jennifer Jones).
Neon Tommy: I really like this lineup because it's three strong, female performers. How do you think women performing has changed in the industry? Do you think it's more women?

Elliphant: No, not really. If you think about it, it's actually not. It's maybe there's a little bit more powerful women in the pop industry at the moment. But if you look back, like, when I grew up, I had Aaliyah, f*cking Missy Elliott, f*cking Gwen Stefani. I, myself, I'm not into pop. I'm actually not a pop person at all. I don't like so much pop music, I just always listened to powerful people. I never listened to anyone, like… I never listened to Jennifer Lopez, you know? And, for me, like, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce and all this are powerful women, but they use their power in very weird ways. And I think right now it's a bit more raw. Like, the early 2000s was about perfect women, like, having perfect women in the front of a project. And right now, people like Charli with, like, mascara under her eyes… And she can still be [a] superstar, which is super cool. But at the same time, I'm puking on, like… What's her name, the twerk girl?

Neon Tommy: Miley Cyrus?

Elliphant: Miley Cyrus. That's like, for me, don't try so f*cking much. Just be, you know? And she's an amazing singer, so she should, like, really focus on what she's good at. She's not so good at being badass. She's pretty bad at that, actually. She looks fake.

Neon Tommy: How do you hope your project will change the music industry? What kind of legacy do you hope to leave? 

Elliphant: I don't think it's going to change anything, really. I just think I will meet a couple of people. My music will reach out to my people constantly. People that is not interested in my music will never know about it. I think that's how it's going to be. It's always going to be people who look for something different. I'm not going to change the industry, but I'm going to be good support for some people [by] doing this music. Myself, I'm diagnosed in every f*cking way there is and I stopped school when I was 15. I have all these things and I can represent a good example of surviving and doing this life without all that things that people kind of make you believe that you have to do to become a person of the society. You know? I think I'm very important that way. That I don't come from a rich family, that I am a poor person. That I represent all that. And also that, the next part of it is not a big f*cking house in the hills and a f*cking car. If my project ever blow up, that's not what you're going to see me do. What you're going to see me do with my money is different things, like amazing things for the world. That's probably where I could change something. If I get enough money and attention into this project, I could actually invest in some amazing projects in the world to save the planet to do some good work. I spit on this f*cking whole pop world… Even the hip-hop world turned into bling bling, "I'm superstar, you are not" f*ck. It's not about that, music has always been about expressing your emotions. Not like over-exaggerating your lifestyle, like, what the f*ck is that about? It's so stupid. So I think I will probably inspire many people, but I will not change anything.

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Neon Tommy: I think your real fans would really appreciate that, that you're staying down to earth no matter what happens.

Elliphant: Yeah. For me, I don't think it would be worth it. For me, as a person, I don't look for a fancy house. I don't look for anything. I never did… I grew up in a city and my mom grew up in a city and her mom grew up in a city. I don't know anything about nature, but it's my biggest interest. So, I think, for me, that's what I want to do with my life and for my future family and stuff. I really want to be able to be close to the nature, you know? And not live in a f*cking penthouse in New York or anything stupid like that. 

Check out Elliphant's YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud and Facebook.

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