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'Bad Girls Club' Season 13, Episode 4: 'Birthday Blowout'

Cristian Pagan |
October 29, 2014 | 7:31 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Julie is done (Oxygen)
Julie is done (Oxygen)

The fourth episode of "Bad Girls Club: Redemption" premiered last night on Oxygen. The episode started out pretty calm after the crazy ending of the last episode with Redd and Jada v.s. Judi. Many of the girls exclaim their discontent with Judi. Rocky explains how she is just changing for the worse and she is not really striving for redemption. The girls acknowledge the fact that Judi does not belong in the house, but rather in a rehab center or an insitution that can help her with her problems.

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The life coach, Laura, comes to talk to the girls and see what has changed and what is going on in the house. Camilla explains how she did not put her hands on Judi and she is very proud of herself. Laura notices that she is taking the proper steps and is showing some sort of self control. When talking to Dani, Laura is trying to prepare her to make the big revelation to her father about what happened to her and her miscarriage. She even hopes that Dani develops enough strength to confront the man who got her pregnant and left her. Laura's advice, however, did not sit well with Jada.

Jada was the situation with Judi, for which Laura sided with her on. When Laura tried to talk about Jada's relationship with her father, Jada stated that she did not really have anythign to say. It is a subject that she does not want to bring up again because she is over it and it doesn't affect her anymore so she doesn't want it to again. But, Laura wasn't buying it and she felt that Jada was brushing the situation off. Jada ended up storming up because she felt that Laura messed up and is trying to take her back to a dark place she does not want to relive again. 

When talking to Natalie, Laura sees right through her fakeness and even though Natalie says she is doing better by "killing them with kindness," but it is still killing. Natalie explains how everyone is trying to test her because they have seen her in her season and they know that crazy Natalie is inside her and they are trying to bring it out.

Natalie and Sarah go out to lunch and discuss whether they want Judi to stay or not. They consider the pros and cons of the situation. The pros being that they like Judi and they think she is funny and is their friend. The con being that everyone is going to keep bullying her. Ultimately, pros beat the cons and they decide that they want her to stay (like it matters). Judi, then, comes back into the house but before she enters, a producer explains to her that there is a drinking limit in the house and that she already used up her one warning. 

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If Judi pulls another stunt, like she did with throwing a drink in Jada's eyes, she will be sent home. The producers are very on point this season in terms of trying to prevent these complications with very strict rules and security guards. They want these girls to change and they have implemented regulations that will help the girls really learn from their actions and become better women.

The girls, except Sarah and Natalie, don't really care that Judi is back. They are more concerned with Dani's birthday party that is coming up. But, of course, the house can never be drama free. Jada's cigarettes went missing not long after Judi came back into the house. Jada and Rocky confront Judi about it and Natalie becomes livid. She begins yelling and getting into Jada's face becaue she is tired of everyone bullying Judi and blaming her for everything.

Everything escalated when Natalie started instigating an argument with Camilla. Natalie was in the phone booth while Camilla was getting her hair done and she was saying a lot of personal insults stating how they are all trying to be Natalie but they never will be. Camilla gets really frustrated and angered to the point of tears but she refuses to fight her. Redd tries to calm her down by telling her that she has her back. 

Camilla going all natural (Oxgyen)
Camilla going all natural (Oxgyen)
Rocky gets fed up with Natalie's fake actions and she goes into the booth to confront her. The situation turns into a fight when Natalie answers the phone and it turns out to be Rocky's mom. Natalie did not want to give up the phone and swung at Rocky and then they fought, but you really couldn't see anything from all the editing.

After Rocky beats up Natalie, Redd jumps in and gives her a few hits and bites a huge chunk of her arm off. Natalie gets sent to a hotel to calm the situation. The producers quickly inform the girls that Natalie will be going home for throwing the first hit. It is definately interesting to see how strict the producers are this season because normally they only send a girl home if she does some serious damage. Unfortunately, because Redd jumped into the fight and bit Natalie, she too went home.

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It was very sad seeing Redd go home. You can tell the difference between how much the house is effected by Natalie's departure versus Redd. During Natalie's flashback goodbye scene, all we see is her scheming and fake actions saying how she is going to be the puppetmaster of the house. Redd's goodbye scene, however, was filled with a lot of love and fun memories with the other girls because, at the end of the day, she was a very genuine person who really had everyones back.

Laura went to visit Redd before she left and she could tell that Redd has changed, but still needs a lot more progress that she doesn't know if it is actually going to happen. After the departure of the two girls, it was back to Dani's birthday bash. Sarah and Judi pledged their alligiance to each other and that they would always have each others back. They then proceed to buy balloons and cake for Dani as if nothing happened between Judi and her.

Dani obviously accepts it because she is not going to be ingrateful and start arguments on her birthday. However, when the girls are out to lunch, they go a cheerful toast to Natalie getting beat up and leaving and that rubbed Judi the wrong way as she states that it is very petty that they are happy and condoning violence like that. Again, Judi is being fake as usual because she is saying she doesn't condone violence, but a few days ago she threw vodka in someone else's eyes because Natalie told her to.

Sarah and Judi leave the restaurant and once they got home they decided they were going to mess with the other girls. They took down all their family photos and hid them. When the rest of the girls returned and they say that the photos, they confronted the two girls who, again, lied and said they did not know. Things are not going to go well next episode. Let's wait and see what happens. 

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