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'Bad Girls Club' Season 13, Episode 3: 'Lashing Out'

Cristian Pagan |
October 22, 2014 | 3:24 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Natalie's Twin (Oxygen)
Natalie's Twin (Oxygen)

The latest episode of Bad Girls Club: Redemption premiered last night on Oxygen and continued right where we left off with the fight between Redd and Natalie. Security keeps the fight from escalating into a physical altercation. Redd goofs around about the situation by mooning Natalie. Outside, Jada tries to talk to Redd and tells her that she shouldn’t let Natalie get her out of her comfort zone because at the end of the day she is here to change and to achieve redemption.

The next day, Natalie helps Judi get ready, for Natalie is going to take her to a business lunch talk with a guy in which they will be discussing Natalie’s latest book. Meanwhile, Julie explains her frustration to Camilla and Redd as she tells them how Judi is going along with Natalie thinking she is her friend when in reality, when the show ends and Judi no longer calls Dani and Julie as friends but calls Natalie instead, she is going to realize that Natalie’s friendship was all an act.

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The girls go out to the club to have some fun but Julie can’t get Judi’s betrayal out of her mind. Later on at night, Redd tries to comfort Julie, who is still in her feelings, which causes Dani to snap at her stating she is being upset for what, for who, Judi obviously does not care about her so for Julie to be depressed the whole time because of it is pointless. Dani’s tough love comments are proven true as we quickly snap to Judi bad mouthing her ex-friends as she is getting sucked into Natalie’s negative mindset.

Then, we see Judi tries to talk to Julie and Dani and she says how she has felt alone these past few days, but Dani doesn’t by it as she emphasizes that Judi chose to do that because they both have gone to her multiple times to try to talk to her. She makes it clear that Judi did not need a friend, or professional help, all she needed was Natalie Nunn as she wanted desperately to have her approval.

Judi asks why didn’t they help her with her hair and makeup and Dani and Julie both start laughing (so did I) at the fact that a grown woman needs someone else to help her with something like that. Dani and Julie are both over the situation and walk away; Dani then proceeds to plan a group event for the girls to volunteer at an animal shelter. The girls have a lot of fun with the animals, especially Redd who bonds with one of the pigs.

Redd was hilarious this episode as she kept making fun of Natalie (and her chin) cause she does not like Natalie and thinks she’s fake. With good reason too, in a confessional where Natalie is talking to her mom, she tells her how she is playing the ultimate puppet master and she is killing everyone with kindness by playing devil’s advocate and getting Judi and Sara to do her dirty work for her. Getting the other girls out without her having to do it herself is Natalie’s master plan.

Afterwards, Camilla and Redd head to church. They both get very teary when the preacher gives some sermons that talk about how bad decisions lead you away from the will of God. Meanwhile, Natalie goes and talk to Julie and Dani and says some very mature comments on how they do not need to keep yelling at Judi. They should just let her be and walk away.

When Camilla and Redd arrive back at the house, Camilla realizes that she is missing 3 pairs of eyelashes and the first name that comes to her mind is Judi. She asks Judi, calmly, did she take them. Camilla doesn’t care that she lost a few lashes, she is not a broke person to be worrying, she just cares that someone was touching her stuff without her permission.

Judi says that she didn’t take them, but in a confessional afterwards she is laughing with Sara about how she did take them. The next day, Judi is still laughing about it while she talks to Natalie and Rocky. Rocky goes back to tell Camilla because she is highly disappointed and shocked at the fact that, not only did Judi lie, she is laughing about it. Camilla becomes livid.

Judi's Teriible Lashes...coming to a store near you! (Oxygen)
Judi's Teriible Lashes...coming to a store near you! (Oxygen)
She goes to Judi and confronts her and the situation quickly turns into a mother/daughter type of vibe. Camilla asks did she tell Natalie she stole the lashes and Judi keeps saying no when Rocky saw her do it. Natalie chimed in saying she just overheard, but the fact that Judi lied was enough to set Camilla off. Camilla demanded Judi pay for it, she did, and then she walked away and make it clear that she will no longer be socializing with Judi.

The situation dies down, for like 5 minutes, until Natalie (of course) brings back the situation by chiming in which brings in the whole house into the discussion. The situation builds up until Judi calls Jada a bitch which makes Jada get in her face because she will not allow someone to say that word to her. The lashing out at Judi continues as Redd kicks Judi out of the closet they both use because Judi is a thief.

Later on, Judi gets upset at Natalie because she is talking to the other girls. Judi talks with Natalie and starts crying, and Julie goes off at the fact that Judi didn’t cry when their supposed friendship ended but when Natalie goes and tries to have a conversation with someone else, Judi sheds a tear. Jada chimes in calling Judi fake and Judi defends tries to defend herself while Natalie is whispering to her telling her to throw her drink.

Jada insults Judi about her lashes stating that, since Judi owns an eyelash company, why is she stealing someone else’s (which was what I was thinking too). Judi follows through with Natalie’s wishes and throws her drink at Jada. Jada goes in for the fight but security quickly snatch her from the situation. She manages to get a kick in, but Redd had her back and throws drinks at Judi.

Judi acting childish, like always, dances and edges Redd on knowing she can’t touch her because she is guarded by security. This behavior soon ends when Jada starts throwing her stuff down the stairs and it hits Judi in the head. Judi cries to producers saying that Jada hit her so she should go home, but producers just send her to a hotel to ease the tension, but Jada isn’t going anywhere.

At the same time, Jada is really disappointed in herself for letting Judi get to her. Natalie shows how proud she is of her work in being the bad girl in disguise.

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