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Genlux Magazine Launches Fall Issue At WeHo Club

Cassidy Waters |
September 29, 2014 | 1:11 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Genlux Magazine promotes both fashion and philanthropy (Cassidy Waters)
Genlux Magazine promotes both fashion and philanthropy (Cassidy Waters)

“Who are you? Who sent you? Who are you here with?”

Essentially the first question every person asked me upon meeting was, “How did you get an invitation to this, and why are you important enough to be here?”

“Here” being the launch party for Genlux Magazine’s fall issue. People from all facets of the fashion, arts and entertainment industries turned out on Saturday night to celebrate Genlux's new issue. 

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Genlux is a regional Southern California luxury magazine devoted to high-end living, fashion, beauty and philanthropy. According to its website, “Genlux is about a new generation – of those who are passionate about luxury fashion and beauty, and, equally so, about the luxury of giving back and caring for the world.”

Genlux’s unique perspective unites the worlds of fashion and philanthropy. Cecilia Moreno, the Editorial Director and Publisher for Genlux Magazine, believes every fashion brand has a philanthropy component. Each brand not only has their own foundations, but also supports a number of other causes. Moreno says that Genlux gives them a place to showcase the work they’re doing.

Taryn Manning speaks at the Genlux event (Cassidy Waters)
Taryn Manning speaks at the Genlux event (Cassidy Waters)

“We had been hearing from the brands that there was no other publication specifically showcasing the marriage between philanthropy and fashion,” said Moreno. “Genlux is about the ladies that lunch, those who go to networking events, to galas. Most of the time, when women shop for a $5000 dress, if it’s not for a wedding, it’s for a charity event. Going to charity events translates to retail dollars – all luxury brands know this.” 

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A similar thought process comes into play when deciding upon a cover star. 

Moreno said, “We like to keep in mind who our reader is. Our reader is really 30 and older who is shopping at Barney’s and Nieman Marcus and Saks and Rodeo Drive – that’s who the magazine caters to. When it comes to picking who’s going to be on the cover, we keep that mindset.”

The latest issue features Taryn Manning, star of the hit Netflix show "Orange Is The New Black," on the cover. Manning is a heavy presence in the entertainment industry. In addition to her acting career, she is also recognized for her music, fashion sense and philanthropic endeavors.

Models wear the latest from Nicole Miller's fall collection (Cassidy Waters)
Models wear the latest from Nicole Miller's fall collection (Cassidy Waters)

Manning was expected to perform her music at the Genlux event, but due to an “epic” week of filming on OITNB, was feeling under the weather. She did, however, still make an appearance to support the magazine. Her speech commenting on “the year of empowering women” received a lot of love from the crowd.

Genlux also partnered with Nicole Miller to be their fashion sponsor for the night. The two collaboratively hired four models to wear and display Nicole Miller’s Fall 2014 collection. The models stood atop pedestals scattered throughout the venue, showcasing the best looks from the contemporary line.

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But this isn’t the first time the two companies have worked together. According to Amanda Browning, the General Manager for Nicole Miller West Hollywood, they used the same type of presentation in May for the magazine’s spring issue launch party.

“We saw new clients come into the stores because they fell in love with the fashion,” said Browning. “We knew we wanted to work with Genlux again. It’s a win-win for both parties.”

Genlux celebrated the launch of their Fall issue (Cassidy Waters)
Genlux celebrated the launch of their Fall issue (Cassidy Waters)

According to Browning, the venue was especially taken into consideration. Groups of photographers, models, makeup artists, up-and-coming actors and well-known event planners crowded the space of Bootsy Bellows, a popular nightclub in West Hollywood.

“We usually hold these events at hotels or someplace a bit more ‘boojie’ but this fall line from Nicole Miller is a little more edgy,” said Browning. “Her theme is 'NM warrior.' It’s all about fierce, femme fatale. We needed an edgier place, so doing it in a club like this really fits.”

So, to answer the above question once and for all: I guess writing for the #1 most-read online student news publication in the country has its perks.

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