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Angelenos Judge 'The Voice' For A Day

Jessica Oliveira |
September 22, 2014 | 4:59 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The Voice 360 at The Grove (Jessica Oliveira/Neon Tommy)
The Voice 360 at The Grove (Jessica Oliveira/Neon Tommy)

Love it or hate it, reality television isn’t going anywhere. From “Pop Idol” to “The X Factor,” television sing-offs have found their place in many homes across the globe. 

England began the trend of singing television with “Pop Idol” in 2001. This is where Simon Cowel went from an unknown record producer to a snarky television personality. Today, Cowel isn’t only known in the United Kingdom, but throughout the world. After the hit show, “American Idol,” a variety of televised music competitions began to appear in the United States.

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Currently, one of the most popular shows is NBC’s “The Voice.” With a variety of celebrity judges featured on the show, the competition gets fierce as each judge becomes a mentor for a group of contestants. Unlike “The X Factor” and “American Idol,” “The Voice” is unique because it focuses on singing ability before any physical appearance factors. 

The red swivel chairs and the moments leading up to a judge’s decision to press the red button is not only recognized in the United States. In fact, the original show was produced in Dutch and called "The Voice of Holland," which triggered the various adaptations available today throughout the country. 

The show has been adapted in 53 different countries all over the world, ranging from “The Voice of Afghanistan,” “The Voice Cambodia,” to even “The Voice Kids of Netherlands.” 

“The Voice” returns to the big screen in the U.S. on Monday night and had many fans checking their watches for the seventh season premiere. 

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Andrè Henrique Ribeiro and Milos Surywek (Left to Right) (Jessica Oliveira/Neon Tommy)
Andrè Henrique Ribeiro and Milos Surywek (Left to Right) (Jessica Oliveira/Neon Tommy)

On Sunday and Monday, The Grove shopping mall attracted hundreds of fans with a Virtual Blind Audition using 3D technology known as “oculus rift.”

The 3D experience gathered both fans and shoppers for the chance to experience what it’s like to be a judge on the show. The Voice 360 Tour also stopped in New York and Chicago earlier this month. 

The technology gave fans and users the experience of physically sitting in one of the red swivel chairs with the infamous red button in front of them. Angelenos and tourists got to sit next to their fellow 3D judges- Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine, and choose which contestants were worth the spin. 

Milos Surywek from the Czech Republic decided to give the virtual experience a try since he has been a regular viewer of "The Voice of Czecho Slovakia” for the past three years. 

“It was a fun experience, but the orientation was a bit blurry,” Surywek said. “I prefer watching the show on television, but this was a cool experience to try.”

Visiting from Brazil, Andrè Henrique Ribeiro thought the experience was a lot of fun. He has been watching the Brazil adaptation since it began in 2012. 

“I think it was very realistic, you look on one side and see people clapping their hands and on the other side you’re next to the other judges. It was very real and a great experience,” Henrique Ribeiro said.

Ribeiro says he’s excited to watch the American version of “The Voice” on Monday night, but that it probably won’t be the same without his favorite Brazilian judge, Danielle. Ribeiro says it will still be fun since he is familiar with some of the judges in the American adaptation.

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"The Voice" premieres Monday, September 22, at 8 p.m (CST).

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