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Grammys 2014: Biggest Snubs Of The Night

Kathy Zerbib |
January 27, 2014 | 4:07 p.m. PST

Film Editor

Despite a couple snubs, Kendrick Lamar rocked his performance with Imagine Dragons (Twitter/@Interscope).
Despite a couple snubs, Kendrick Lamar rocked his performance with Imagine Dragons (Twitter/@Interscope).
This is it - the day after the 56th annual Grammy Awards, AKA a night The Daily Beast hailed as a "complete and utter disaster replete with puzzling winners, awkward and offensive cutaways, and plenty of bad music." Yikes.

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis took home the award for rap album of the year, nixing the likes of Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. The win sparked heavy controversy, with even Macklemore in shock that his album "The Heist" ousted Kendrick Lamar's "Good Kid, m.a.a.d. city."

Fans were equally disappointed when the "Thrift Shop" duo beat him out for the coveted best new artist title.

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Taylor Swift, with four nominations on the line, left the Grammys empty handed. Even worse, her only memorable contribution to the 2014 Grammys is her dancing during Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons' live performance. She somehow lost to Kacey Musgraves for best country song and best country album… Ouch.

In a "Come on, really?" moment of the night, Cory Monteith's name was misspelled during the In Memoriam tribute (Remember, guys, I before E… except in "Monteith"). "Glee" fans, we feel you.

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Speaking of the In Memoriam, Slayer fans noticed co-founder Jeff Hanneman was not even included in the tribute… Shame, shame. 

Of course, none can vent better about the 2014 Grammys than the ever-so-hilariously-critical Twittersphere. For some tweets on last night's worst snubs (and just general hate), see the Storify below.

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