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Why White Always Works

Rebecca Iloulian |
October 24, 2013 | 4:27 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

J. Mendel Fall Runway Shows Winter Whites (Pinterest/Sally Stiebel)
J. Mendel Fall Runway Shows Winter Whites (Pinterest/Sally Stiebel)
Whoever came up with the widely-accepted notion that you can't wear white after Labor Day clearly didn't understand the rules of fashion, because the rules of fashion are that there are no rules.

Maybe back in the day it seemed necessary to stash away those bright whites come September to avoid committing a so-called fashion faux-pas, but that sentiment ends today.

Why should we give up one of our most basic, delicate colors for over half the year? We shouldn't!

White serves as a blank canvas when it comes to putting together an outfit, and with the correct fabrics and hues, the endlessly chic white can remain a year-long staple in our closets.

The secret to wearing this warm weather color on a year-round basis is by combining it with materials of a thicker/heavier texture. Fabrics such as cashmere, wool, angora, cotton twill and denim will serve more suitable for your year-round white wardrobe, while linen and chambray can be boxed up until next summer.

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It's important to invest in the correct shades of "winter white", such as cream, ivory and pearl to capture that post-summer white glow. These hues are richer than your standard bright white, giving you a more luxurious, cold-weather feel

Blake Lively Looking Perfect in Winter White (Pinterest/LuckyMagazine)
Blake Lively Looking Perfect in Winter White (Pinterest/LuckyMagazine)
Don't be afraid to mix and match different textures or shades of white, either. Nothing spells out cozy, winter weather like crisp white denim with an off-white, oversized, knit sweater paired on top.

Another great way to weave white into your wardrobe is with a plush white coat. It's sure to leave you cool, creamy and sophisticated, and as the seasons change your fabulousness remains. White accessories are always a great option as well: go for white leather gloves, a fur hat, or even a cozy knit circle scarf.

And don't forget about the LWD-the little white dress. Yes, people, this is a year round must! Pair it with opaque black tights and a black overcoat, or even suede black boots. It works, and it's amazing. 

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Have fun with dressing seasonly in white. The layering of textures and shades of this delicious hue is so appealing and cozy, it would be impossible to give it up even after the summer sun has left us behind. 

Read more about wearing whites year-round at Fashionista.com.

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