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Plaid: The Fall Staple That Never Goes Out Of Style

Mona Khalifeh |
September 22, 2013 | 12:27 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Vivienne Westwood F13 Runway (Pinterest)
Vivienne Westwood F13 Runway (Pinterest)
What's so special about plaid? We see it every fall in the form of button-ups, on teenage girls and truckers alike, and famously in Burberry scarves and winter coats.  

But, plaid is making its way back into our homes and our hearts in different ways this season. From plaid-patterened rainboots to hairbows, removable collars, and even on our go-to clutch, plaid is popping up.  

Just like a pop of color, a plaid patterned bag, hairbow, wrist cuff, or shoe can be the spice to your fall wardrobe.  Even in sunny L.A. we get the itch for fall weather and more importantly, fall style.

 Those brightly colored bangles go back into the closet and our favorite muted colors and Fall staples come back out to play.  While the transition can leave you feeling a bit "blah" the pop of plaid will bring your whole look back to life.  

Louboutins (Christian Louboutin)
Louboutins (Christian Louboutin)
With designers like Vivienne Westwood showcasing all-plaid looks, designers like Kotur and Asos are opting for the pop of plaid in forms of cute clutches.

Christian Louboutin has worked with the plaid trend as well. These cute leather leather flats are the perfect combination of edgy and feminine with a hint of plaid, and the ever-popular spikes which are a trend that is likely to continue in this season and the next. 

Not willing to drop major cash on this Fall trend? American Apparel's flannel bow hair clip  comes in four plaid colors and styles that are sure to pop against an all denim look or your favorite chunky sweater.  

Plaid bow hair clip (American Apparel)
Plaid bow hair clip (American Apparel)
And, what's even better, they're only $7 and can be mixed and matched with any of the shop's plaid head-to-toe looks.  This pop of plaid is the perfect pick-me-up on drab day.  Keep an eye out for this fall staple to hit your favorite stores in new ways, before you know it, that plaid button-up won't be the only plaid in your wardrobe!

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