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5 Classic Style Icons To Emulate This Fall

Rebecca Iloulian |
October 17, 2013 | 3:56 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Faye Dunaway at her prime (Tumblr/The Examining Magistrate on Culture).
Faye Dunaway at her prime (Tumblr/The Examining Magistrate on Culture).

Come fall, it's always en vogue to go back to basics with fashion's most staple pieces. We're talking crisp white button-downs, the perfect fitting jeans, a little black dress, a camel trench coat - you get the idea.

The world may have plenty of fashion rockstars, but the women that are most influential in fashion are those who adorn such classic style. From 60s flair to modern edgy looks, we're taking you on a fall fashion ride through history with it's most inspiring style icons.

These are the women to take a cue from when capturing timeless, fall style. Follow suit with these influential ladies' effortlessly cool looks this season - we know we sure will be. 


Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway has that natural cool girl style that's rare to come across. Think wide-brimmed hats, long, wide-leg trousers and a killer complexion. To emulate this fashion beauty, try a short sleeve sweater, wide-leg jeans, a silk scarf and a floppy hat--70s chic is written all over this outfit. 


Kate Moss

Moss's modeling career began in the 90s, but her style icon status has only grown since this. Moss reigns as the queen of boho and yet she always knows how to incorporate a classic element of style into her fashion choices. Embody Kate Moss in your fall fashion by sporting a fur jacket or vest over skinny black pants (leather, if you're feeling bold) and a sweater, paired with short black booties or fitted knee-high boots. 

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Alexa Chung knows how to dress for fall (Twitter/@Phoebe_Patrick).
Alexa Chung knows how to dress for fall (Twitter/@Phoebe_Patrick).
Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung understand how to mix classic style with her own personal fashion flair. Her mix-n-match approach is daring and bold, yet feminine in its core. Emulate Chung with an oversized blazer-dress, sheer tights, and black lace-up pumps or leather flats. 


Brigitte Bardot

The epitome of 50s glamour, siren Brigitte Bardot is a true style icon. She knew that a statement bag or a pair of over-sized sunglasses could dress up any trench coat. Pull inspiration from Bardot and try a mini skirt, sweater, and flared trench coat, paired with suede over-the-knee boots and a printed satchel to accessorize. 

Elle Macpherson

Talk about a great American style icon.This model's presence has graced the fashion world from the 80s and 90s until now. Macpherson possesses a style that's both sexy and approachable. Try out her classic girl next door look in slim, low-slung, dark denim, a fitted turtle-neck sweater and knee-high boots or classic pumps. 


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