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Neon Tommy's E3 Coverage

Eric Parra |
June 11, 2013 | 11:06 p.m. PDT

Tech Editor

Once a year in June, all of the major gaming forces meet up to appeal to the mainsteam masses and provide the biggest show they possibly can. This year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo had something more to offer than several years past: A new generation of consoles.

The Wii U, the Playstation 4, and the Xbox One are all major components of E3 2013, with a deadlock in competition for the eyes of the general public, veteran gamers and newcomers alike. Whether you stick to the classics and innovations of Nintendo, move into the lighter side of entertainment with Microsoft, or stick around for new developments from Sony, Neontommy has got your back with hands-on coverage.


Microsoft Sets The Stage For E3

Microsoft was the first to start things off with their large press conference at USC’s Galen center Monday morning. After their initial reveal of the Xbox One, they followed through with their promise for having all game related announcements.

Along with some tech demos, a price was set at $499 for the system and a release date of November this year.




Sony Steps Up For E3

Sony followed after Microsoft’s announcements by showing their own stuff off, much to the crowd’s pleasure. 

With more information on the hardware, specifically what it looks like, and game reveals like Kingdom Hearts 3 and The Order 1886, the whole conference was set abuzz.

The price for their system was set a hundred softer of the Xbox One, at $399, and is also scheduled for a 2013 release.



Wii U Hands On Experience At E3

Nintendo did things differently this year by avoiding competition with Microsoft and Sony over a conference spot and simply showing all of their new information in the form of a webisode from their growingly popular Nintendo Direct updates.

We were able to get a hands on experience with several of the games they announced in their webisode, from Mario Kart 8 to Pikmin 3.





A First Look At E3's Day One

For some, E3 is more than just new games and announcements. It's an experience that needs to be lived in order to truly be appreciated. Our Neon Tommy writers take a chance to think about what they're looking at and give an opinion on what they've seen and how it has been presented for all audiences at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.





E3 Hands-On Playstation Vita

While the Playstation Vita hasn't gotten quite the attention Sony was hoping for, they're still producing quality games meant to provide an engaging experience. We go in-depth with the latest on Killzone Mercenaries and other titles the Vita has in store for the upcoming seasons.






E3 Hands-On Xbox One And PS4 Controller Comparison

So just how do the Xbox One and Playstation 4 controller stack up against their predecessors? We we able to get a hold of each and see first hand how they both felt and functioned with several of the demos provided by E3. While some features were still unavailable, there is still plenty enough to expect in the upcoming future.



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