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Tory Burch Presents First Runway Show

Sophie Elkus |
February 15, 2012 | 10:07 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

As if her iconic cross logo needed further validation, Tory Burch graduated from a booming platform of commercial success and crossed the bridge to haute couture with her first high fashion show. The fall 2012 runway spectacle offered the best of Burch’s taste for feminine, classic looks, yet spiced up the mix with body conscious pieces in alluring laces and leathers, a surprising twist of seduction that no doubt accurately describes her inspiration of “a prim girl under the spell of the wrong kind of guy.”

A look from the Tory Burch Fall 2012 Show
A look from the Tory Burch Fall 2012 Show

The opening number, a ruffled white coat belted with a sweet bow, enticed onlookers with a safe yet undeniably elegant appeal that set the tone for the rest of the show. Each sweater set, peplum pencil skirt and ladylike dress that followed featured frills, ruffles, and delicate lace appropriate for either a high tea celebration or an afternoon business meeting. The clean ivory lining of a black jacket conjured up images of a Lagerfeld creation, yet Tory managed to make the ensemble her own with playful ruffles lining the matching skirt. Additionally, a seemingly classic houndstooth coat upon closer inspection sported a pattern of small dots.

Tory’s palette of subdued rose, gray, nude and blue was injected with bursts of deep red and jade green; surprises that complimented some equally unexpected fabrics. Model Cara Delevigne wore a gold lamé skirt with a matching headband, matched to a skin-toned top embellished with rose petals. A particularly stunning skintight crimson dress offered a heavy dosage of lace, and the odd delicate gold belt or jeweled earring added a sweet touch. Model Joan Smalls closed the show in a top of sheer black lace just edgy enough to balance its full pleated jade skirt.

The pale-skinned models’ makeup refrained from detracting attention from the clothes, instead furthering the soft city-girl look with flushed cheeks and lips. Hair stayed pulled back into chic chignons, often accessorized with a bow. Plenty of chain-strap handbags complemented the clothes with heavy gold hardware reminiscent of her popular ready-to-wear bag collection, but the satchels were kicked up a notch for the runway with embellishments and shine. 

The clothes were deliciously pretentious in their silhouettes and patterns, yet the Mary Poppins vibe was strikingly wearable for a modern corporate wardrobe, a factor representative of the cult trait of Burch’s talent that made her a household name years ago. Clearly aware of her well-deserved success, a smiling Burch emerged post-show to wave to her first haute couture crowd.

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