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Tibi Fall 2012 Collection

Chloe Lauter |
February 11, 2012 | 6:43 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Tibi’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection played with menswear for women, showing various cropped trousers paired with tailored, menswear-inspired blouses double-breasted jackets. These clean lines and tailored silhouettes were offset by slouchy knit sweaters in burgundy and forest green and flowy chiffon tops and skirts.

A few looks stood out from the collection. The first was a cropped pant and tailored blouse in green glittered fabric layered over a black shirt. Following a number of knitwear looks, the color and texture was pleasantly unexpected. The second was a white sleeveless peplum blouse and floaty skirt, both printed with blue and black bird silhouettes. A more feminine look than some of the preceding tailored jackets, it was a refreshing pop of color and print.

The models’ messy ponytails, natural faces, and bold brows kept them from looking too tailored or fussy, and worked with the overall casual-yet-put together vibe of the show. Although some looks appeared to be little more than duplicates in different colors, overall the show highlighted designer Amy Smilovic’s creative talents while still feeling completely accessible and wearable. And if Amy has her way, it looks like cropped pants and menswear influences are here to stay.

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