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'Blindspot' Hits Home And Will Return

Kent Martinez |
November 23, 2015 | 7:15 p.m. PST


"Blindspot" returns in February (NBC).
"Blindspot" returns in February (NBC).
Blindspot is a spy crime drama series, showcasing the mysterious life and discovery of Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander). She's unsure of her true identity, holding key information embedded throughout her body regarding top level cases. Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), is a huge target according to a clue as his name is tattooed on Janes back. The FBI team is out on a mission to capitalize on the clues stamped on Jane's body as they attempt to figure out who Jane is, to ultiamtely capture the perpetrator of these major hints.  

This TV show is shot in a very unique and deliberate way. The hand held shots and camera angles help set up the tempo of the show. When the team is discussing a case or a strategy on how to uncover the truth as it relates to a perpetrator, a lot of hand held  moving close ups are used to make the conversations that much more intriguing and exciting. The slow pace, slow speed, drumbeat music is utilized to intensify the dialogue filled scenes as well. Most action sequences utilize music to bring their point across that they are about to hit their target. 90 percent of the show uses some type of theme to put the viewer at the edge of their seat.

The show is similar to a lot of crime drama shows such as "Criminal Minds" and "Law and Order," but yet has its differences. Bethany Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), the assistant director of the FBI, seems to be involved in a huge illegal cover up along with Tom Carter (Michael Gaston), the head of the CIA. Tom Carter became obsessed with trying to figure out who Jane is as as some of those clues could reveal information that could incriminate him and Bethany. Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza), an FBI informant, is leaking top confedential information involving Jane Doe over to the CIA. Many working for the FBI seem to be hiding a lot and aren’t being completely honest with another about what they know and what their past entails.

Jane was introduced on the show as a shy, mysterious woman, covered up in mysterious drawings that leak her to important clues that the FBI has been trying to look for to solve certain crimes. Janes character really developed by the episode. Clearly Jane wasn’t going to be used only as a map to help the FBI solve crimes or even as a material witness who is only meant to be protected. By the second episode, Jane decides to be out on the field helping the FBI in solving crimes even at the expense of her own life. It isn’t just the tattoos that bring the FBI closer to solving crimes, but its Janes discovery of her own abilities that bring them closer as well. In every episode, Jane will either have a new memory of who she is or will uncover a new skill. The fact is, throughout the show, we have come to find out that she is a marital artist, Russian-speaking woman who knows how to handle guns with a high level of precision. 

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Jane and Kurt have an affection that neither one is ready to admit to the other. Kurt really cares for Jane and is always out to protect her as more than just an important material witness. There are moments were it looks like they might kiss and begin a romance but neither is willing to take that step. These two need to stop four playing and just give us what we have been waiting to see since the show began. And luckily for us, they finally kissed in last nights episode giving us that flavor we were all looking for from the two. I really like Jamie Alexander’s character of Jane Doe. Jane is a mysterious woman who is a sweat and really humble person who wants to help out those in need and get justice for those who have been victims. Jane is filled with hidden talents that she uses for good. She is my favorite character on TV right now.

What makes these particular storylines so intriguing is that Jane is actually a young girl that Kurt believes he grew up do to a cut that Kurt accidently gave Jane as a little kid, but disappeared without anyone ever knowing of her.

Season two is in the works as NBC has agreed to continue the show. The show still has a lot to uncover as I am at the edge of my seat to find out, who exactly is Jane Doe and how did she get those clues stamped on her body. Will Kurt and Jane end up together? Will Jane find out something about her past that she may not like to have ever remembered, or will she be the sweat girl that we all think and want her to be? Or will she remember that the tattoos on her body was something that she wanted to have on her all along. So many questions and Monday's episode answered some of those questions.

The episode was a big filler in the puzzle. The most shocking moments happened as Jane is revealed as having set herself up to be a material witness covered up in evidence. The ending was very creative and breathtaking. We got a small glance of Jane's past but don’t truly know who she is. As Jane begins to get water boarded by Tom, a mysterious man who Jane has dreamed about, saves her by shooting Tom. Then we get a revelation of who she is and what her mission is as video footage is shown of her talking to herself is some futuristic moment, warning her that she agreed to go on this mission.

 The return of Blindspot is scheduled for February as many questions are yet to be answered.

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