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Why Seeing Florence + The Machine Should Be On Your Bucketlist

Jillian Morabito |
October 22, 2015 | 11:35 p.m. PDT

Music Editor

Via Neon Tommy/Jillian Morabito
Via Neon Tommy/Jillian Morabito
You know the drill. You discover an artist you are especially drawn to, listen to his or her album, buy concert tickets, attend said show, dance awkwardly, wait hours to exit the parking structure, etc. It's a common routine. Very rarely does any artist truly and honestly shine in concert.

Florence + the Machine is one such exception.

Chills, tears, first-pumps, jumps, screams--all aforementioned are experienced in full force.

Led by heroic front woman Florence Welch, the British band performed a breathtaking show at the Santa Barbara Bowl during their "How Big" tour.

For now, forget skydiving or writing a novel. Here are the many reasons you should see the band before you die:

Florence Welch is entertaining, while keeping it classy. 

In order for a show to be entertaining, popular, and/or successful, many stars feel the need for there to be an epic show with fireworks, special effects, costume changes, Kobe Bryant, etc (see: you know who). However, Florence never changed outfits. There were no special effects, no flying over the crowd, no special guests. There was just the band, the music and the clear sky above the Santa Barbara Bowl. To be honest, that was all that was really needed for a perfect night.

Keeping up with Florence > SoulCycle

Man, that girl can dance. One second, she was strutting it like a runway model and the next, a flowing ballerina dancer in a field of daisies. It was a workout to just watch her. During her performance of "Rabbit Heart," she even ran through the crowd dancing and twirling. Someone get that girl a Nike endorsement.

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Between Two Lungs

Whereas some musicians tend to only sing songs from his or her most recent album, Florence struck a delicate balance across all three of her released records. Though it was very heavy in "How Big," songs such as "What The Water Gave Me" and "Drumming Song" were also meticulously executed. 

Shoes are unnecessary.

One of the best things about watching Welch perform is that she is so comfortable, she doesn't wear shoes. Don't you just want to be her best friend?

The Evolution of Ms. Welch

It's been three years since I've seen Florence since her "Ceremonials" tour and wow--what a difference. She is far more confident in her performing abilities and addressing of the crowd. Her voice has always been undeniably remarkable, but it is now pristine. Whereas "Lungs" Florence was quirky and "Ceremonials" Florence was refined, "How Big" Florence is raw and realistic. We love her even more.

Via Neon Tommy/Jillian Morabito
Via Neon Tommy/Jillian Morabito
Only If For A Night

The band's show will only last about two hours, but this will be the highlight of your week, month, year, and, quite possibly, decade. If you have the chance to see Florence perform outside, take it. There is nothing more beautiful than her soprano setting among the stars. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to see her perform the song, "Only If For A Night," prepare yourself for an insane amount of chills throughout your body and soul. It's intense.

She's Got The Love

There is something so unique, something so "je ne sais quoi" about seeing Florence live. You feel everything she is feeling and you love everything she is loving. When listening to her songs (especially those off her last album), it may seem as though you are reading her diary. Many of her songs are about the pesky subject of love and from what we can tell, our goddess has been through hell and back with it. When seeing her live, we feel as though we have fallen in and out of love (several times) as she takes us on a self-reflective journey. It's astounding, nevertheless. Furthermore, listening to her enchanting vocals sing "Cosmic Love" with only the harp is possibly the most beautiful things you'll ever hear.

Never Let Each Other Go 

Another unique aspect to a Florence + the Machine show is the involvement of the crowd. The front woman refuses to have people stand there, just watching her perform. During "Shake It Out," Welch declared that she wanted to bring a choir to the venue but couldn't and so the audience would have to act as one. During "Dog Days Are Over," she asked everyone to turn to the people they are sitting by and embrace each other. During "Rabbit Heart," she made everyone to jump as high as they could. What Welch referred to as "controversial," she asked everyone to put away their phones during "Third Eye" so they could enjoy themselves in the moment. Bored you will not be at a Florence + the Machine show.

Shake Those Tears Out

Without a doubt, there is a high percentage that you will shed tears at this show. We haven't asked NASA scientists to investigate this phenomenon yet, but I do know that there was not a dry eye in the house for "Cosmic Love." Bring Kleenex.

What Kind of (Amazing) Woman

The concert ended and as the crowd exited, smiles permeated the Bowl. However, there was also a sense of peace. The show took us through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in life. Seeing Florence + the Machine is a cathartic experience that is very hard to describe because it must be lived.

Don't believe me? See the band for yourself one day.

Reach Music Editor Jillian Morabito here. 



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