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'Scream Queens' Season 1, Episode 6: 'Seven Minutes In Hell'

Adrianne Ramsey |
October 20, 2015 | 9:47 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Kappa house holds a slumber party (FOX).
Kappa house holds a slumber party (FOX).

"Scream Queens" has finally delivered an episode that was able to uphold the perfect mold of scary, suspenseful, and fun that the two-hour premiere did weeks ago. Tonight’s episode had great comedy but also went back to the original format of wondering who is going to be offed by the killer next.

The girls vote as to who will be the next president of Kappa Kappa Tau. It results in a tie, and Zayday (Keke Palmer) and Chanel (Emma Roberts) are now co-presidents. Chanel is – not surprisingly – infuriated and throws a temper tantrum, blaming everyone for her not staying sole president. She storms upstairs to her room, where Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) and #5 (Abigail Breslin) check on her.

It turns out that Chanel faked the whole temper tantrum and admittedly voted for Zayday. She explains to her confused minions that she has a devious “Chanel dies last plan” and is setting Zayday up to either be killed or take sole blame for the killings that have fallen upon those in or associated with Kappa house.

Grace (Skyler Samuels) and Zayday decide that it’s time to create a plan of action to find out who the killer is. They decide that the killer obviously has some strong connections to Kappa and may even be someone who is living in the house. Therefore, they figure that the only way to find out everyone’s secrets is by holding a slumber party. While the other girls aren’t exactly thrilled, #3 surprisingly loves the plan and demands they play Spin-The-Bottle. 

At the Dickie Dollar Scholars fraternity, Caufiled (Evan Paley), who is apparently still alive after getting both of his arms chopped off a couple episodes ago, gulps down four liters of canned pasta in 45 seconds (ew?). After being congratulated by Chad (Glen Powell), the DDS boys hold an “intervention.” Earl Grey (Lucien Laviscount) informs Chad that there are rumors going around that he slept with Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Denise (Niecy Nash). Chad heartily confirms the rumors, but is convinced by the boys that he should probably stop sleeping with so many older women. Chad then pledges to concentrate on his relationship with Chanel, which pleases his fraternity brothers. Earl then informs the boys of KKT’s slumber party, where they head to have a “panty raid.” 

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Back at KKT, the girls play Spin-The-Bottle. Hester (Lea Michele) kisses Jennifer (Breezy Eslin) so that Chanel won’t have to, and #3 kisses Sam (Jeanna Han), who she has developed a crush on. Later, #3 confides in a couple of things in Sam: one, that the reason she wears her earmuffs is because she dated a guy last year that became obsessed with her ears and wanted to chop them off (nice backstory, Ryan Murphy). Second, that she is devoid of emotion but subtly has some feelings for Sam. However, she decides that they cannot be together, despite Sam’s protests.

It’s then that Chanel realizes that all the windows and doors in the house are locked. Before she can really do anything, the power shuts off, and all the girls scream in terror! Chanel calls Chad for help and he later arrives with the DDS boys. They break a window and are able to get into the house, but not before the Red Devil pushes Caufield off the ladder. He then stabs him in the stomach with an axe twice before beheading him. The boys and Chanel are terrified but powerless to save him.

After the murder, the girls and guys play truth-or-dare. Chanel uses this as an opportunity to spread a nasty rumor about #5, while Sam reveals that Charles Manson is #3’s birth father. Hysterical that her secret has been revealed, #3 forces Sam to sleep in the bloodstained Kappa bathtub. Sam goes down to the basement alone, where the Red Devil, who knocks her out and throws her in the bathtub, confronts her. Before he or she strangles her to death, they reveal their identity, which is unseen to the viewer. 

Hester talks to Chad and tells him that she wants them to be the next “it” couple, but Chad declines. She does not take well to this rejection, and lets him know that she does not like being second or stopped in getting what she wants. Chanel interrupts them and informs the group that they will be playing Seven Minutes in Heaven. Using this as an opportunity to make out, as well as talk about their relationship, Chanel convinces Chad to get back together with her and be monogamous. They are interrupted, however, with Hester’s discovery of Sam’s murder. Chanel uses this as opportunity to accuse Hester of being the killer and lets her know that she is tired of her creepy obsession with her. 

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#5 and Roger (Aaron Rhodes) are upstairs making out, but are interrupted by the arrival of the Red Devil. #5 watches in horror as the Red Devil shoots Roger several times in the face with a nail gun, killing him before vanishing again. The others arrive at the sound of #5’s screams and are shocked that the Red Devil managed to escape again. However, Chad discovers a trap door in Chanel’s closet that leads to a secret tunnel. Chanel and Zayday decide to explore the tunnel to see if the Red Devil is down there.

The Red Devil looks to wreak more havoc (FOX)
The Red Devil looks to wreak more havoc (FOX)
The tunnel is elaborately decorated and has the portraits of every president of Kappa house. While contemplating what their legacies as co-presidents will be, the Red Devil appears with two axes. Chanel is able to get away but Zayday has a harrowing struggle with the Red Devil. Before he can kill her, Chanel knocks him or her out with a lamp from behind and the two are able to make their escape. At last, the night is over.

The next morning, the police and Dean Munsch are once again at Kappa. Munsch, as usual, isn’t too concerned about the murders, but Wes (Oliver Hudson) demands that he and Grace both leave Wallace. Grace refuses to leave her sorority sisters behind, and Zayday sticks up for her. Frustrated, Wes leaves with further argument. Meanwhile, #3 and #5 mourn their murdered friends and make a pact to out-live Chanel, whom they feel is the killer’s main target. To end the episode, Chanel gives all the Kappa girls presents and declares that no more of them will die. They hold a dance party and bond, while the Red Devil secretly looks at them from outside the window.

"Scream Queens" will return in two weeks due to the World Series airing next week, but the next episode looks to bring back Chanel #2 (Ariana Grande) and look more into Gigi’s (Nasim Pedrad) role as the Red Devil’s employer. 

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