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'Scream Queens' Season 1, Episode 5: 'Pumpkin Patch'

Adrianne Ramsey |
October 13, 2015 | 9:19 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Chanel in her Halloween costume (FOX)
Chanel in her Halloween costume (FOX)

The second part of the three-week “Scream Queens” Halloween event aired on Tuesday night, and it was filled with many moments, from the world of Kappa’s Queen completely falling apart to another accomplice of the Red Devil being revealed in the final moments.

The episode starts off with Chanel (Emma Roberts) and her minions planning Chanel’s Pumpkin Patch party, which will hopefully restore her to great popularity. However, she is dismayed to find out that Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin) did not fulfill her task in finding a music artist for a party. After berating her for her disobedience, Chanel announces that she will be attending the party as Jacqueline Kennedy, and that the other Chanel’s will also be going as the widows of murdered United States presidents. #5 is angered that she is Mary Todd Lincoln and Chanel lets her know real quick that she is tired of her constant complaining, as well as threatening to kick her out of the Chanels.

Next, Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) arrives at the KKT house, having brought Kappa and the Dicke Dollar Scholars there to discuss the recent killings. She announces that she is closing down Wallace and setting a curfew on Halloween, as fear has arisen that the killer will strike on that night. The students angrily protest, but Chad (Glen Powell) gives a speech and encourages them to be courageous and not deny themselves of the “sluttiest night of the year.”

Not easily discouraged, Chanel decides to still hold her Pumpkin Patch party, as well as obey the midnight curfew. Meanwhile in the kitchen, #5 is losing her mind as she bakes toenail cookies to serve to children, angered that they dress up every year as Chanel and she gets no credit for coming up with some of Chanel’s signature outfits. Hester (Lea Michele) appears, and lets #5 know that she is a “double-agent” – essentially, she works for Chanel but she also secretly works against Chanel. She convinces #5 to let Jennifer (Breezy Eslin) in on a plan – throw the vote against Chanel and work under Zayday’s (Keke Palmer) rule. Jennifer is more interested in lighting candles and taking care of the ant farm in her room, but #5 is able to convince her by giving her all the recycled candles that Chanel has wasted.

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This episode isn’t getting much better for Chanel – she is caught cheating in class because she has hired an Asian man to accompany her to all her science and math classes, but claims that if the teacher turns her in, she will have her dad fire him. Whilst on the phone, the police come into her class and arrest her for the murder of Ms. Bean (Jan Hoag). As she is lead out in handcuffs, she witnesses the Chanel’s silently watching her being stuffed in the back of a police car. Now imprisoned, Chanel makes friends and rants about how her parents refuse to post bail for her because they don’t want people to know their daughter is an accused murderer. However, she isn’t in prison for long – Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) and Sam (Jeanna Han) post bail for her and she is free. Now to find out who snitched!

Back at Kappa house, Grace (Skyler Samuels) and Pete (Diego Boneta) interrupt the girls’ “lunch” (they aren’t actually eating anything besides the cotton balls) to suggest that people actually start looking for Zayday, whom we see is still alive and being kept captive in a pit. The girls are uninterested, so Grace and Pete go to find Wes (Oliver Hudson). Unfortunately for her, she walks in on him and Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) having sex and is horrified. Even though they were interrupted, both want to join the search to find Zayday. They go to find Dean Munsch, who is bonding with Denise (Niecy Nash) over having sex with Chad, and ask if she’d like to join the search. She declines, but makes it clear that she has put Denise on the case to help find Zayday. Munsch is also noticeably disturbed by the obvious fact that Wes and Gigi are now a couple.

Chanel bursts in on #5 dressing up in a version of Jackie Kennedy’s classic Chanel suit, and angrily backs her into a corner. She accuses her of snitching on her to the police, as Hester and Jennifer sold her out. #5 denies it, but Chanel threatens to kill her…or she can just light all the jack-o-lanterns for the party. #5 is terrified because of the possibly of the killer striking again, but Chanel blackmails her, saying that she will release videos to Roger and Dodger (Aaron and Austin Rhodes) of #5 masturbating to Dora the Explorer. #5 can do nothing but comply.

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#5 has Roger and Dodger accompany her to the pumpkin patch, where they begin to light the jack-o-lanterns. Unfortunately, the Red Devil shows up with hedge clippers and chases them into the maze, which is designed like the one in “The Shining.” Roger and #5 go off by themselves and they are able to escape, but Dodger falls to the Red Devil and is gutted.

Pete, Grace, and Wes find the Red Devil's hideout (FOX)
Pete, Grace, and Wes find the Red Devil's hideout (FOX)
Meanwhile, Grace, Denise, Pete, Wes, and Gigi are off to find Zayday. They return to the Haunted House from the previous episode, which the Red Devil has turned into his or her hideout. Armed with Tasers, Wes, Grace, and Pete split up and find the Red Devil’s costuming and mask department. Gigi and Denise find the Red Devil’s huge array of weapons. Before anyone can really make a move, the lights are turned off and the Red Devil confronts Gigi and Denise with a chainsaw. Denise accidentally tases Gigi, but Gigi manages to tase the Red Devil. Denise runs off to get the others to help, but when they return, Gigi claims the Red Devil hit her on the head and managed to escape. Either way, the mission is a bust – Zayday is nowhere to be found.

Back at KKT, Chanel organizes a rigged election so that she can stay Kappa president. However, Zayday appears, having escaped from the Red Devil’s lair. She explains that the Red Devil didn’t hurt her, he/she actually offered her roses and a meal of what she declares “Oakland nachos.” Wanting nothing to do with the Red Devil, she stabs him/her in the hand with a fork and is able to escape. Chanel doesn’t believe her story, but Grace arrives and the rigged competition is no more.

However, not is all what it seems with Gigi. She goes to a secret location…and meets up with the Red Devil! So Gigi is not only the “Woman in Black”, but she is also secretly working with the killer! She faked being hurt in the lair after all. She employs the Red Devil to kill a certain someone off, and then goes off for a date with Wes.

This episode was definitely an improvement from the last two. With the discovery that Gigi has been lying the whole time and is working with the Red Devil, this show is really making a statement that absolutely no one is safe and everyone needs to watch their back!

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