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Paris Fashion Week 2016: Miu Miu

Sophie Sanders |
October 7, 2015 | 5:52 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Miu Miu, Prada’s cool, younger sister of designer fashion, just launched its new Spring/Summer 2016 collection on the Paris runway and one word comes to mind: layers. Layers on layers on layers: dresses over shirts over more shirts, furs over dresses over shirts, coats over sheer dresses over shirts, the list goes on! Though such extreme amounts of layering is typically designated to the fall and winter shows, these layers scream spring. 

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The components of every outfit in the show are light and the patterns are fresh, playful, and flirty; exactly what Miu Miu is known for. The first outfit that walked down the runway, for example, featured a long coat complete with a very '60s mod pattern, perfect for a chilly spring evening. The red and blue, button down gingham shirts provoked images of springtime picnics and although many of the outfits featured furs, they weren’t the typical winter furs; colorful, fun, and for lack of a better word, springy! Beautiful leather pieces also made their way down the runway: jackets with colorful, geometric leather prints looked absolutely flawless. Perhaps the most striking and interesting layering trick that Miu Miu had up its sleeve was the sheer, lingerie-inspired dresses slipped over entire outfits. These sweet, almost baby-doll dresses were put over button down shirts and skirts, dresses, shorts and shirts, and nearly every other combination that Miu Miu featured in this line. It is almost as if Miu Miu has written a whole new chapter on layering! 

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Miu Miu is perhaps most well known for accessories: in particular bags and shoes, which also made appearances on the runway. Beautiful lace-up, mid-calf leather boots adorned the models’ feet, each one featuring a different color or pattern in the leather. Every model wore a white, blue, or black headband, exemplifying the young and playful nature of Miu Miu. Additionally, some models clutched Miu Miu signature satchels in a variety of different leathers. The accessories, however, weren’t exempt from layering: when models weren’t’ wearing boots, simple heels were intertwined with ribbon that wrapped around the models’ ankles. If this show says nothing else, Miu Miu knows how to layer for spring! 

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