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'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6, Episode 10: 'Game Over Charles' Recap and Reactions

Tanya Mardirossian |
August 11, 2015 | 8:38 p.m. PDT

TV Editor

CeCe Drake/Charlotte is Charles/A on the "PLL" season six finale (ABCfamily)
CeCe Drake/Charlotte is Charles/A on the "PLL" season six finale (ABCfamily)
After last week’s tease (really, this whole show’s a tease), A is on a roof surrounded by the liars and cops, about to be revealed. 

Flashback to earlier that day: it’s prom and the liars are trying to find Ali. Finally, we know that the person in the red cloaked costume is Mona. We see A dragging Jason across the floor when we see Alison wake up and find herself surrounded by family photos in an unfamiliar room. She walks over to what looks like a prison cell’s door and sees her dad lying unconscious. 

In A’s lair, the liars and Mona are watching a live feed of Alison with the person in the black hoodie. The figure turns around and we wait for A to show herself: it’s CeCe Drake. Meanwhile, Sara chose to stay outside of the room (suspiscion creeps in). 

She tells how Mrs. D paid off Wilden to have Toby’s mother’s death declared a suicide. As the trapped liars watch the surveillance, they see red coat at Radley where Alison is being held. 

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The day the family went to Cape May, CeCe (Charles/Charlotte) told her mother that she goes by her new name and that she wanted to reveal herself to the family. Mrs. D admitted that she told the rest of the family that Charles is dead. 

CeCe tells Alison that she knocked her in the head years ago thinking it was Bethany who had escaped Radley wearing CeCe’s clothes. After, CeCe was escorted back to Radley by Wilden. There, Mona and CeCe befriended each other, Mona thinking CeCe was Alison because she was on heavy drugs. 

CeCe and Sara have a bomb set to go off at Radley, but when CeCe presses the detonator, nothing happens and she races to the roof. We're back at the first scene. 

At the end of the finale, the friends say goodbye before going to college. None of their boyfriends make an appearance throughout the episode, which is odd considering how involved they were in their lives and with A; however, for the winter preview, they are all back and on the run again. 

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