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The Hot Seat: State Sen. Robert Hertzberg

Max Schwartz |
April 5, 2015 | 12:29 p.m. PDT

Civic Center Bureau Chief

(Max Schwartz/Neon Tommy)
(Max Schwartz/Neon Tommy)
California State Sen. Robert Hertzberg, 18th District, called into The Hot Seat one day after Gov. Jerry Brown announced new water restrictions. Hertzberg said he is "glad that he [Brown] did it because it's a wake up call." The senator, who sits on the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water, believes all of the water California does get should be captured before it reaches the ocean.

Hertzberg is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Governance and Finance, which he said has jurisdiction over "all local government issues...all taxes, tax credits, taxation and the like." He said he started working on an overhaul of the California Tax Code during his first day in the Senate. The senator said he would not change Prop. 13.

Host Max Schwartz and Hertzberg, a former speaker of the California State Assembly, also discussed elected judges and the retention election process.

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