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Earth Day 2015: Supermodels With Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands

Gabi Duncan |
April 22, 2015 | 1:36 a.m. PDT

Style Editor

Happy Earth Day!

Today, we all come together to share our love for the beautiful planet we call home. While there are a variety of ways to protect the environment, several global supermodels have started their own eco-friendly initiatives with all-natural brands that endorse beauty with a conscience. Organic, sustainable and healthy ingredients are the top priority for these cosmetics lines, and they’re also amazing for your skin! Just take a glimpse at the immaculate complexions of the women who created them. Hey, if these products are good enough for Miranda and Gisele, they’re certainly good enough for us! 

Keep reading to learn more.

Miranda Kerr, Kora Organics

The Australian beauty pampers and detoxifies her flawless skin exclusively with products from her Kora Organics skincare line. The entire brand is made Down Under with a unique mix of essential oils and certified organic ingredients that treat conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea. Infused with noni, rosehip, chamomile, lavender, jojoba and aloe vera, Kora Organics nourishes and soothes both the face and body. Kerr’s Luxurious Rosehip Oil is jam-packed with antioxidants to fight environmental stressors that cause aging and skin damage.

Miranda Kerr (Julien Hekimian/Getty Images)
Miranda Kerr (Julien Hekimian/Getty Images)

Josie Maran, Josie Maran Cosmetics

Josie Maran’s luxurious and earth-friendly products are among Sephora’s bestsellers, especially her 100% Pure Argan Oil. The cult-classic face and body moisturizer is intensely hydrating and full of nutritional properties. Furthermore, it’s organically grown and contains zero fillers, fragrances and preservatives. The actress and model started Josie Maran Cosmetics to create high-quality skincare and makeup options that are beneficial for her consumers and the Earth. “I want my customers to know what effect they’re having on their own health and the world’s when they buy my products,” she says on the brand’s website.

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Josie Maran (JB Lacroix/Getty Images)
Josie Maran (JB Lacroix/Getty Images)

Gisele Bündchen, Sejaa Pure Skincare

The Brazilian bombshell has never been shy about expressing her love for the earth; she’s a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), after all. So, it comes as no surprise that she would launch her own all-natural line. Sejaa Pure Skincare is completely clean and free of harmful chemicals, unnecessary packaging and animal ingredients. The Sejaa name—based on the Portuguese word seja, which means “to be”—promotes the brand’s philosophy of producing products that feed the mind, body and soul, as well as the skin. Bündchen’s Mud Mask indulges the face with natural clay to remove impurities and maintain a clear complexion. 

Gisele Bundchen (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)
Gisele Bundchen (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Jessica Hart, LUMA Cosmetics

Another Aussie model has also thrown her hat into the green cosmetics ring. Made without parabens, mineral oils and sulfates, LUMA Cosmetics encourages natural beauty on the inside and the outside. “I know we can’t always make clean and healthy choices in life, however LUMA is a great place to start,” Hart says on the brand's website. “This is one step in the right direction and an easy and positive choice to make!” The Bronzing Powder is ideal for achieving a subtle summer glow as we approach the warm weather months, and the lightweight Sheer Lipsticks add kissable shine to your pout. Currently the products are only available in Australia, but they’re coming to America later this year!

Jessica Hart (Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)
Jessica Hart (Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

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