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Earth Day 2015: Eco-Friendly Fashion Labels You'll Love

Mona Khalifeh |
April 22, 2015 | 12:48 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Stella McCartney Noemi Tote (Stella McCartney)
Stella McCartney Noemi Tote (Stella McCartney)
Earth Day is here, and what's better than fashion you can feel good about? Here are five eco-friendly labels you have to check out.

Stella McCartney

One of the major fashion houses is actually eco-friendly! McCartney has gone above and beyond to invest in studios and offices that are powered by wind energy, a clean form of electricity. Many of her storefronts are equipped with solar panels and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, but McCartney's global footprint doesn’t stop there. You can check out her line of Noemi Totes, which are made in Kenya and producted under the International Trade Center's Ethical Fashion Program.  

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Amour Vert Spring '15 Collection (Amour Vert)
Amour Vert Spring '15 Collection (Amour Vert)
Amour Vert

This effortless fashion line has a zero-waste philosophy and uses sustainable fabrics and dyes that make their breezy looks guilt-free. The line has most recently paired up with Gwyneth Paltrow for a capsule collection, which features everything from nautical stripes to bright florals that will take you from spring right into your summer wardrobe.

A Peace Treaty

This globally-conscious jewelry line uses art-deco designs and geometric shapes to bring you on-trend statement pieces. Even better? A Peace Treaty works with local artisans in countries like Nepal, India and Turkey, who have trouble finding work. With each piece, you'll not only be on point with you're jewelry game, but you'll be boosting several economies.

H&M Conscious Collection

Move past your go-to H&M sale rack and splurge a little on everyone's favorite store's new line: the Conscious Collection. H&M's new line is committed to using locally-made sustainable fabrics to create fashion-forward styles that look like they're more runway than retailer. While the eco-friendly line teeters on the expensive side, as most of these do, you're paying for a clear conscious and a clean environmental footprint.

A Peace Treaty Mizar Earrings (A Peace Treaty)
A Peace Treaty Mizar Earrings (A Peace Treaty)

SVILU is the perfect line for the bohemian babe, who's in-tune with the earth. This light and pretty line combines comfort with romantic detailing to give you everything from patchwork jogging pants to mustard yellow shift dresses. The line also uses locally-produced organic fabrics that make it totally sustainable. Plus, who doesn't love organic leather?

This Earth Day, do yourself and Mother Earth a favor and check out some eco-friendly threads that will have you looking and feeling good.

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