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Zayn Malik's Most Memorable Moments

Michelle Tak |
March 27, 2015 | 3:04 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Zayn is getting prepped for his shoot for the "Best Song Ever" music video. (Facebook/One Direction)
Zayn is getting prepped for his shoot for the "Best Song Ever" music video. (Facebook/One Direction)

The announcement of Zayn Malik's departure from the boy band One Direction came Wednesday, just days after news of the British singer's withdrawl from the group's current tour. The 22-year-old's exit from the band came as a shock to fans, and broke girls' hearts around the world.

But here's a pick-me-up! We're taking a trip down memory lane by taking a look at some of the Brit singer's best moments ever.

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The Time Zayne Dressed as a Girl

Zayn or Zayniffer? The singer gave his fans a good laugh when he appeared in the group's music video for "Best Song Ever" as a girl! The singer can be seen posing in a crisp button-up shirt matched with a skirt and donning some long locks. He even flirted with fellow band member Harry Styles during the video.

Zayn Buys His Mom and Sisters a House

Can we say he's the perfect son? I think we can. In a documentary back in 2013, it was revealed that Malik had bought a 4-bedroom estate for none other than his mom!

When He was Shot a Music Video With His Sister

It's nothing but love when it comes to Malik and his siblings. In the One Direction music video for "Story of My Life," the 22-year-old is featured with one of his three sisters. The music video shows the two during their childhood years and the two siblings in recent years. Altogether now: "Aw!"

His Heavenly Voice When He Reaches Those High Notes

The singer, who was a former contestant on "The X Factor" never fails to prove why he was one of the winners on the show. Zayn's range is absolutely amazing! The singer is able to reach high notes that even his band member Harry Styles can't even reach. Some of his most noteable high notes have been in songs such as "You & I," "Diana," and "Moments."

When He Asks You: "Vas Happenin'?" 

Ever since his days on "The X Factor," the Brit star would sometimes bust out and ask "vas happenin'" in an adorable accent. The catchphrase was debuted first when the One Director band members performed a silly song with one of the vocal coaches on the show.

One Direction and other artists performing "We Are the Champions" on The Tonight Show. (Twitter/@HarryIsStyles)
One Direction and other artists performing "We Are the Champions" on The Tonight Show. (Twitter/@HarryIsStyles)

Zayn and Fellow Band Members Sang "We Are the Champions"

The band along with other notables, Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, Carrie Underwood and more came on Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show," and sang an epic a capella version of the song "We Are the Chapions."

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When Zayn Found Love and Proposed to Perrie

It's Zerrie. The couple are both The X Factor show alumni and met on the show's set. Malik go egaged to Little Mix star Perrie Edwards back in 2013 and the couple have been together ever since. Although troubled romance rumors have surrounded the couple as of late, the duo are still going strong.

Everytime Zayn Sports a New 'Do

The singer has sported a wide variety of different hairstyles throughout the years and fans have noticed! The Brit singer's beautiful locks seem to always receive praise, especially his recent middle-part style and ponytail 'do.

When Zayn Took His Fans on a Date

In One Direction's music video of "Night Changes." that is. Malik opened the romantic music video sitting with his lady (you)! If only thic could have been real life.

Zayn and His Other Members Form the Band One Direction

And of course, we can't forget about this historical moment! The boy group stole the hearts of women young and old when the group was formed on "The X Factor" show by one of the judges Simon Cowell. 

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