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'FROOT' By Marina And The Diamonds: Album Review

Coral Rucker |
March 26, 2015 | 10:37 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

"FROOT" is Marina's best album to date. (@AlterThePress / Twitter)
"FROOT" is Marina's best album to date. (@AlterThePress / Twitter)

Marina and the Diamonds is back and she comes bearing "FROOT." Her new album has been a commercial success thus far, debuting at #8 on US Billboard album charts and #2 on U.S. iTunes charts.

The album contains themes of growth, self-awareness and joy. Along with the musical growth and strong themes in the album, "FROOT" is Marina's best album to date.

Marina Diamondis always wrote her lyrics from raw emotion and with "FROOT" that style hasn’t changed. Her opening track "Happy" conveys a sense of joy and contentment with oneself. Marina expresses these emotions a lot more compared to her previous albums.

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In the past, she's heavily expressed confusion and frustration in her music. There are a couple tracks that exhibit these familiar feelings on the album. In her song "Blue" she confesses her confusion of breaking up with someone but still missing them. The song "Gold" shares her feelings of pressure she feels with the need to be the best in her profession. 

Songs like "I’m A Ruin" and "Forget" showcase the sides of Marina that we haven't yet seen. In "I’m A Ruin", Marina shows off her growth in music and lyricism. It's the first track that portrays her as the dumper instead of as the dumpee.

On "Forget", she shares her feelings of needing to grow as a better person from the chaos and mistakes that happened in the past. Marina is ready to let go and move on, mo matter how painful that process can be. She owns up to her flaws and humility in this album.

Marina and the Diamonds photographed by Charlotte Rutherford. (@TheDailyMark / Twitter)
Marina and the Diamonds photographed by Charlotte Rutherford. (@TheDailyMark / Twitter)

Her most poignant lyrics on the album come from the songs "Can’t Pin Me Down" and "Savages." In "Can’t Pin Me Down," she’s talking about the world's expectations of her as an individual. She has been noted as the voice of the 21st century girl and a feminist in 50s clothing because of her progessive tweets and lyrics. People expected so much from her from becoming the new Queen of Pop to becoming a leader of the Feminist movement.

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“Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem? 
I’m happy in the kitchen cooking dinner for my husband.”

Marina just wants to be herself. She’s never liked being boxed in as one thing or the other. You can’t pin her down.

Marina and the Diamonds has cited "Savages" as one of the most important songs on the album. The song is filled with lyrics examining the society of the human race. With striking lyrics like “I’m not afraid of God. I am afraid of man," there's no surprise that "Savages" gives the listener thoughts of existentialism and reality. These are themes not expected to be heard from a pop musician, but of course, Marina is not like the others. 

Everything on "FROOT" from the production to the lyricism is so much better than Marina's previous albums. "FROOT" showcases Marina’s mature side and gives off more intimacy and personal strife. The album provides themes of forgiveness, vulnerability and contentment, feelings that one acquires when they are truly maturing.

Marina Diamondis is not only personally growing but musically growing as well. The confidence and stability she feels in herself is transcendent in her music. Overall, the album is amazing and Marina has outdone herself again.

Buy "FROOT" on iTunes now.

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